Mix the unmixable — the visual thinking game

Here is the game I have played with my son (9 years old at the time of playing).

He was asked to draw a mixture of two deliberately unmixable (well, at least hard to imagine how you would mix those) things.

The first task was to combine a concrete mixer truck and a bulb.

Here is the result after approx. 5 minutes of brainstorming and drawing:

Innovative concrete mixer truck

Then he was tasked to mix a construction crane and a cooking mixer. Again, in a few minutes the result was:

Construction mixing crane

The third assignment was to find a way to have a bulldozer deal with a nose-picking problem. That was the result of such a chemistry:


How to play

  1. Select two relatively unrelated things.
  2. Try to come up with a thing that would be a combination of the two. Limit the job to 5 minutes.
  3. Iterate.

Why to play :)

  • Boost your creativity.
  • Take an unexpected perspective.
  • Practice and stretch your visual library.
  • Have fun!

I hope that was useful!