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Graphite Works helps corporate clients worldwide, or who would like to engage customers in the Chinese-speaking world, to take advantage of precisely-crafted, well-defined literal presentation in marketing activities and campaigns.

We know automobiles.


  • 語言行銷策略
  • 標題與行銷文案寫作
  • 文案翻譯與技術寫作
  • 其他相關服務


  • Defining linguistic strategies
  • Slogan and copy writing
  • Copy translation
  • Technical writing
  • Online publishing
  • …and more.
We work with Apple since 30 years ago.


  • 汽車與機車
  • 網路服務
  • 電腦、作業系統、周邊設備
  • 消費性電子產品、遊戲
  • 一般消費性產品
  • 防衛科技

We specialize in:

  • Automobiles
  • Internet services
  • Computers, operating systems and peripherals
  • Consumer electronics and games
  • General consumer products
  • Defense technology



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Fred Jame

Fred Jame


Thinker, writer, scuba diver, motorcyclist, cigar aficionado. Was Chief Editor of Macworld Chinese., reach me at .