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Graph Day Video Highlights

The first Graph Day was held this past January in San Francisco with many inspiring speakers. For those who could not attend, and for those who want a replay, we have you covered. Here’s a play-by-play description of the day’s events with links to all the presentations.

The morning kicked off with Lane Rettig, core Ethereum Developer, and his entertaining overview of The State of the dApps:

Following that, our Project Lead, Yaniv Tal, gave the Graph Keynote:

He made some big announcements which are summarized here.

Then, Eric Tang, CTO of Livepeer, spoke about Designing the Livepeer Protocol. Livepeer was one of The Graph’s launch partners and is using their subgraph in production.

The group then broke for a lunch of Mission-style burritos. Afterward, Josh Fraser, CEO of Origin, gave a presentation called Decentralized Marketplaces on the Blockchain.

Robert Leshner, CEO at Compound, spoke about Open Financial Primitives where he gave a playbook of future opportunities for developers to build businesses in decentralized finance.

Following that, Esteban Ordano, CTO at Decentraland, presented Imagineering Experiences on Ethereum:

Then, Brandon Ramirez, our Research Lead, gave an in-depth overview of Trust-Minimized Services, Work Tokens, and a Decentralized Query Protocol. If you are curious about where The Graph is heading, be sure to watch this. A summary of his research announcements can be found here.

We had a short break, and then we jumped into an in-depth technical talk by Alexander Skidanov, CEO of NEAR Protocol, on The Frontier of Sharding Research. Many people said they really enjoyed this presentation.

We switched gears back to the finance track with Josh Nussbaum, Founder at Compound VC, discussing Investing in Web3:

Last but not least, we wrapped up the day with Tara Tan, Venture Studio Lead at IDEO CoLab, talking about how we can improve dApp UX in her presentation Designing for Users:

To close the event, we enjoyed a happy hour with good music and conversation where we connected with a lot of you who came. We’re super grateful for the tremendous support from our community. We can’t do what we do without you!

We’re going to make Graph Day an annual event, and we’re really looking forward to making the next one even more special. For those that attended, we’d love to hear your feedback, like what speakers or content you’d like to see, anything we could’ve done better, etc. I’ll be sending a follow up email and would really appreciate hearing anything you’d like to share.

Thanks again to everyone who attended and helped make the day a valuable and memorable experience!

The Graph is a query protocol for blockchain data using GraphQL.

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