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The Graph Hackathon

Following the success of The Graph + Coinlist hackathon and the Gitcoin Beyond Blockchain hackathon, the Graph Protocol team decided to pursue a native hackathon with 1,000 DAI for each of the the top ten subgraphs.

The Graph hackathon ran from September 16–27. Participants were asked to deploy a subgraph and build a demo dApp that utilized the subgraph. We received 50 registrations and 20 submissions from developers all over the world. We were impressed with the quality of the subgraphs and how quickly they were built! We couldn’t choose just 10 winners so we’ve awarded 12 prizes instead!

Hackathon Winners

Argent Subgraph

Argent Demo App

Matt Marshall built a subgraph for Argent Wallet that enables the lookup of existing Guardians and their activity. Guardians can be people, devices or third-party apps that users give selective permissions to, such as recovering a password or funds if a phone is stolen. Users don’t need a seed phrase when using Argent, since they can leverage their Guardians to safekeep their funds at all times.

Kickback Subgraph

Kickback Demo App

Makoto Inoue built a subgraph for “The Pot” on Kickback that tracks the amount of ETH and DAI currently staked on future events. Users who have RSVP’d for events listed on Kickback must commit to attending an event by staking a deposit. Once users have attended events, their stake is returned; otherwise it’s ‘slashed’ and distributed to successful attendees as a reward.

Nuo Subgraphs

Nuo Demo App 1

Sudeep Biswas deployed a subgraph for lending platform Nuo Network. The demo app captures order data, visualizations of collateral analysis and reasons for default (very cool!) This will be helpful for DeFi devs and analysts to better understand the nature of borrowers and what products can be built to improve their financial management.

Hadrien Croubois also built a subgraph to query Nuo that captures data like order types, user accounts, transactions, collateral and trading reports.

Kleros Subgraphs

Kleros Demo App

Quilldata built a subgraph for Kleros, the on-chain dispute resolution dApp. The demo app “Dappalyzer” is a Kleros dashboard that tracks performance like juror rankings by stake amount, activity per period (votes, appeals, rulings), recent dispute metrics and court details like court types (eg. technical, exchange token listing etc.) and each court’s requirements to submit a dispute. This app is a great way to track the kinds of disputes that occur in the Ethereum ecosystem, juror reputation and time to resolution.

Kleros Demo App 2

Sebastian Galiano also deployed a Kleros subgraph and built “Kleroscan” an explorer that captures all recent disputes, juror rankings by their staked tokens and metrics for each court.

Unlock Subgraph

Unlock Demo App

A subgraph was built by Akeem Adeniji to capture data from Unlock Protocol. Unlock is revolutionizing the way online providers can monetize access to information and services — such as a paywall for a newsletter, subscriptions or software licenses. Users create locks that are ‘unlocked’ by keys purchased by other users. Key creators can specify the number of keys, price per key and how long the keys are valid. Neat!

Liquid Funding Subgraph

Liquid Funding Demo App

Barry Gitarts built Liquid Funding — a demo app on using a subgraph for liquidpledging contracts by Giveth. Liquid Funding allows users to track projects and the donations they’ve received, while the original donor maintains ownership until the donations are settled or goals are reached. This allows donors to maintain more control over the causes they fund and creates greater transparency of project efforts.

InstaDApp Subgraph

InstaDApp Demo App

Built by Pierrick Turelier, the InstaDApp subgraph provides data on the new wallets created via InstaDApp’s UI. It also captures which CDPs are opened and closed and DAI transfers between Maker and Compound which occur via the InstaDApp protocol bridge.

Giveth Subgraph

Giveth Demo App

Kay deployed a subgraph for Giveth and created a dashboard to track donations via a data visualization of nodes and links to represent network effects. Each green node represents donations less than 1,500 ETH, each purple node represents donations greater than 1,500 ETH and each link/arrow shows connectivity between donors and recipients. Check out the app for yourself, zooming is fun!

FOAM Subgraph

FOAM Demo App

Chris Piatt built a subgraph and demo app for FOAM to provide insight into map challenges — ie. when a point of interest is disputed on the FOAM Map by other FOAM users. Challengers stake tokens when they challenge Point Owners and can track votes using this dashboard. The app can also save users gas costs as they don’t have to submit a transaction if their vote won’t matter.

Kauri Subgraph

Kauri Demo App

Lastly, Rahul Bishnoi developed a subgraph for Kauri, a technical documentation and learning platform and a UI that lets users query the Kauri database for articles, authors and titles.

Congrats to all winners and thanks to all participants for your submissions. It’s exciting to have you join The Graph in indexing the new economy.

Look out for future hackathons or deploy a subgraph today! Check out The Graph docs to learn how you can run a graph node, create a subgraph and query other subgraphs.

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