Workshops at GraphQL Finland

Mikhail Novikov
Jul 2, 2018 · 3 min read

GraphQL Finland 2018 will have in total four workshops aimed at different skill levels. Given the topic is still emerging, we have something for complete beginners. We also cover scenarios, such as migrating from REST to GraphQL, and help you to get more out of it in a production environment.

Free diversity workshop — Let’s Learn GraphQL with Sara

Our first beginner workshop is hosted by Sara Vieira, a developer avocado. The workshop will cover the basics of setting up a GraphQL server using Prisma and then consuming the API using Apollo.

We are doing something different with this one as the tickets to the workshop are distributed through a diversity scheme. If you get chosen, you’ll also receive a ticket to the conference. Apply for a diversity ticket.

Beginner’s Bundle — Building GraphQL APIs with Mikhail

Our second beginner workshop has a similar focus and it will be hosted by Mikhail, one of our organizers and an experienced GraphQL practitioner.

The workshop is available only as a bundle with the conference ticket but at a bargain price — it’s only 100 euros more than a conference ticket.

Choose this workshop if you are interested in building GraphQL APIs but have never actually done it yet.

Read more about this workshop! Buy tickets!

GraphQL Schema Design with Marc

Are you building a brand new GraphQL API or migrating from a REST API to it? If you are interested in designing a GraphQL schema that is great to use by clients and stands the test of time, this workshop is for you.

The workshop is going to be hosted by Marc-André Giroux. He is an expert in GraphQL and he worked at Shopify when they moved to use GraphQL. Now he is making Github’s APIs better. In addition to that, he is currently writing a GraphQL Schema Design book. Did I mention that he also plays jazz?

Read more about this workshop! Buy tickets!

Advanced GraphQL with Nik

If you understand the basics of GraphQL and work with it in a production environment, then this workshop is for you. Nik Graf’s workshop will cover advanced patterns that you need when building a GraphQL server, such as security, authentication and schema stitching.

Nik is an early adopter of great technologies. Not only he does GraphQL, he also was one of the first adopters of Reason programming language and he even organized a conference for it in Austria. He also organizes ReactJS Vienna meetup and is part of infamous Vienna Twitter mafia.

Read more about this workshop! Buy tickets!

Come to GraphQL Finland!

Whether you are a complete GraphQL beginner or a seasoned veteran, you’ll find something that suits you at GraphQL Finland. We are looking forward to see you at the conference!

GraphQL Finland

Learn More about GraphQL, Explore Finland. 18–19.10.2018

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