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International Women’s Day — Graphy spotlight on Natasha Macrii

What is your role and current job?

I’m an Illustrator and occasionally Graphic Designer

How did you get into tech?

I’ve tried working in different areas before I realised I feel the most comfortable working in tech company. I’ve worked in Design Agencies, illustration agencies, tried freelance and Game design until I met Andrey and he introduced me to Startup tech world.

What have the biggest biases you’ve seen as a woman in tech?

I’ve never felt biases in my current profession, tbh.

Have you overcome any of these issues? If so, how?

Didn’t have any issues.

What advice would you give others in a similar position?

I don’t have any good advice except do what you love and every new day be the better version of yourself.

What are you proud of at the moment?

This illustration, because it represents me as an artist.




The next-generation platform for data visualisation. Fast. Beautiful. Collaborative.

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Rachael Grocott

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