Evervoid: First Mate search explained

This mission is available both for the general public and for Captains rank II holders. Captains rank II holders will get slightly increased chances of success based on which Captain was sent on the mission.

The lore is as follows:

Brave Captains set on a quest to find their First mates lost in distant star systems, either by going personally or by sending a crew on their own.

Flight mechanics

  • A player selects a ship, a star system, and a First Mate which they want to look for.
  • Optionally, a player can add a Captain card and a Scanner card.
  • Ship type, Captain type, and Scanner card level increase the probability of success.
  • You can send as many ships as you want simultaneously.
  • All the cards are returned after the flight no matter the result.
  • If a Captain was sent on a mission and the mission is successful, the Captain gains rank III.
  • Each wallet (NOT Captain) can recover a maximum of one First Mate card of each of three types. However, more First Mates can be acquired on a single wallet using different ways, for example, through buying on Gmart or by participating in a special staking event.

Star Systems

There are 5 star systems available for search. Each system has distinct fuel (see below) cost based on its distance and chance to succeed.

The names of the systems are:

  • Centauri
  • Gliese
  • Ceti
  • Eridani
  • Orion

Here is a table that shows which First Mate can be found in which star System:

First Mates

The First Mate NFTs act as minor versions of Captains and will have their own unique mechanics as well. More info on First Mates will be announced later.


Jim NFT is of Rare quality.

Sarah Corner

Sarah Corner NFT is of Epic quality.

Darius Caesil

Darius Caesil NFT is of Legendary quality.


To send a ship on a mission, you must have enough fuel for the selected star system. Here’s a table showing how much one flight costs:

Fuel is burnt during the mission.

For now, Fuel can be acquired for staking GRVX tokens in a special contract with no locking period.

You will get 1 Fuel per 365 days for each 500 GRVX staked.

Please note that it’s not the same contract as classic GRVX staking. Staking GRVX for Fuel will be available on a separate (A)steroid Mining page. More ways to get Fuel will be announced at a later stage.

Bonus chances for Ship types

Bonus chances for Captains

Bonus chances for Scanner level



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