How to hack the Evervoid game

Last week we released the Equipment update, consisting of two smaller ones — equipment loot boxes and crafting.

We got feedback that it’s difficult to guess what the equipment is for, and it’s our fault that we released so little information on its uses. Let us reveal them.

The ship Equipment will be widely used in almost every mission, starting from our first one — the actual asteroid mining. If you gear up a Keelback with every available type of max-level equipment, you will get almost 1 million GRVX in as little as 72 minutes! Insane, right?

Let’s break down the math behind it:

There are four types of equipment that reduce the mining time, they are called Thruster, Drill, Power Unit, and Ship’s Firmware.

Why does reducing mining time matter?

If you want to expand your fleet rapidly or simply want to re-invest your GRVX, the less time you spend on each flight, the better. This gives you the edge over other Gravis Finance ecosystem users.

For example, the cost of an Uncommon loot box is 5000 GRVX. There is a very high chance that this loot box contains a ship that will earn its owner at least 5500 GRVX or more. The minimum mining time for a ship is 12 hours. Even the lowest-level Drill reduces this time by approximately 5%, each additional level of equipment increases this bonus, and all the bonuses stack. Please note that there is a hard cap on time reduction equal to -90% of the base flight time. The higher the ship level is, the more effect time-reducing equipment will cause in absolute values.

Combining loot box opening, selling ship building parts on Gmart, and daily missions, you can maximize your GRVX output and use it however you like.

What are the other bonuses from ship equipment?

Another four types of equipment give your ship a GRVX bonus to mining, they are called Resource Containers, Asteroid Scanner, Power Unit, and Ship’s Firmware. Yes, the last two types give bonuses both in mining time and GRVX output. GRVX bonus from a piece of equipment does not depend on ship type, it depends only on the type and level of the equipment. It means that a level 6 Resource Container can give even a Keelback a GRVX bonus ranging from 275 000 GRVX to 325 000 GRVX. All the GRVX bonuses from equipment combine without a hard cap.

The Mechanics Explained

Please note that both described bonus types, for now, work on the first mission only, the first mission being the basic mining operation using a ship, regardless of the Captain’s presence in the flight. Be mindful that in this mission the ship and all the equipment get destroyed in the process to avoid insane GRVX inflation rates.

Also, certain types of equipment give significant bonuses in other missions. For example, a Scanner is very useful in the upcoming second mission, the Search for First Mates. It increases the chances of successful outcome independent of the ship type, chosen First Mate, and Star system. In this type of mission, nothing gets destroyed, and only Fuel is spent. You can send the same ship and scanner piece as many times as you like, but there is a restriction: one NFT of each First Mate type per one wallet, and the total number of First Mates will be limited in a way the Captains are. The final numbers are still being calculated.

As for the Third mission, the Exploration, we are still discussing how the equipment will work, but it will have its uses.

There is yet another upcoming mission called the Anomaly Investigation, and it’s meant for the Drones. No ships, Captains, or First Mates will be able to participate, so get your Drones ready! The first ones you can get using our Daily missions, and soon we will reveal the corresponding sales page.

But let’s get back to the equipment uses cases. The Thrusters will have a similar effect on that mission’s outcome as the Scanners have on the second mission, so grab them from loot boxes, craft them, buy them on the Gmart, but getting a hold on them is a huge bonus.

Please note that all level 6 equipment is available only in Legendary loot boxes with a small chance, it cannot be obtained any other way.

We also want to let you know how the exact bonuses are calculated where the mistress Fate (our proprietary off-chain Random Number Generator, or RNG for short) is concerned. All the random values, be it the exact amount of GRVX or time reduction a certain piece of equipment will provide, or a loot box contents, or even a mission’s result, are calculated off-chain at the moment you can no longer cancel the action. It was designed in this way specifically to avoid the game mechanics abuse and to provide all our beloved players with equal and fair conditions. The Gravis FInance team also can’t in any way influence the outcome of any specific random request.


We hope that if you reached this point of our article you got a better understanding of the Equipment’s value, its multitude of uses, and the workings behind it.

As always, stay tuned! More exciting updates to come.



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