The Evervoid resource overhaul

Interlocking resources in Evervoid

Now, the game offers separate missions and resources, which aren’t united by any common logic. In terms of in-game assets, we strive to ensure that one resource produces another and that resources can frequently be used together. This will help curb inflation while offering a more vivid gaming experience for players, who will form new and improved strategies for earning. To achieve this, new and existing missions alike will be united by common mechanics. At the moment, the game’s logic is quite simple; you need to purchase a loot box, acquire a ship, assign a captain of your choosing, and send the ship out into space to mine GRVX.

We’re committed to lowering the barriers for entry for new users, while at the same time helping veteran players to find new fun facets in the game. To achieve this, we’re planning to adjust the game’s mechanics while adding new missions and ways to obtain resources. That’s why we’re proud to announce that in the upcoming updates, you’ll find the following:

Drone missions

Due to the exponentially increasing resource shortage on Earth, the Galactic Council can no longer supply ships in their previous quantity. At an emergency meeting, it was decided that lighter vessels could be used, controlled remotely from the command center. These vessels have been appropriately named Drones and should only be operated remotely by experienced pilots, including but not limited to Captains and their First Mates.

These vessels have no crew and can be used multiple times. However, they are vulnerable, can lose contact, and get lost in space as a result. Nevertheless, drones can bring back precious resources, and it’s worth the risk.

The mechanics of drone missions

Firstly, players have the option to join a scouting pool. There are 3 types of pools, which vary in length:

  • A close orbit journey — a 12-hour voyage
  • An expedition to the nearest nebula — 36-hour
  • A voyage to the distant horizons — 84-hour

After the pre-defined time for a certain pool has elapsed, the results of the flight are published for each participant to see. A small percentage of the drones will get lost during the flight, some of them return with nothing of value, and the rest return with varying degrees of resources based on luck. Rewards are instantly available to the participants once the flight has concluded and the results are published.

The chances of losing a drone can be mitigated, and the amount of resources attained may be improved depending on the drone’s level and applied perks, such as Captain and First Mate NFTs, thruster NFTs, or special Gravis Finance LP tokens. You can read more here.

Level 1 drones can be crafted via a special page. The drone’s level can be increased by spending Metal and Ship parts. The higher the drone’s level, the more lucrative the pools it can join.


Fuel shall become a very important resource, so the ways of acquiring it will change a little.

Fuel can still be bought for GRVX tokens via a special page, but the amount that can be bought for a low price will significantly decrease. Alternatively, fuel can be earned as a reward for staking GRVX or characters such as Captains or First Mates.


The traditional practice of mining GRVX on nearby asteroids is coming to an end, as strong radiation is preventing ships from approaching medium to long-range asteroids. Moreover, even if ships could get close, this radiation spoils the metal and it’s, therefore, unsafe to bring back to base. Because of this, the amount of metal that a ship acquires after a GRVX mining mission will be greatly reduced. To get more metal, you’ll need to stake GRVX, Captains, or First Mates.

Ship Loot boxes

Due to the intergalactic recession, the number of loot boxes containing ships will be greatly reduced. However, you’ll be able to purchase ships on the secondary market via the Gmart NFT marketplace. You’ll also be able to craft higher-tier ships from previous ones via our crafting page.

ERC20 tokens will now take the role of ship-building parts instead of NFTs. Current ship-building parts in the form of NFTs can be converted into ERC20 via a special page.

Daily rewards

Daily rewards and their exact mechanics are up for review. Importantly, there will be fewer ERC20 ship building parts and much less metal and fuel. Moreover, drones will no longer be available as a daily reward.


In this update, we’re trying to combine the concepts of resources and assets while making them, on a whole, more balanced. We hope that these changes will strengthen GRVX’s course into the unknown, while providing new and veteran players alike with new opportunities to earn more, via improved and well-thought-out strategies. Onwards!



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