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Gravit Designer’s January release is here

2019 is still fresh, so we’d like to celebrate the new year with a new version of Gravit Designer. We’ve put special emphasis on internationalization and some long overdue additions and optimizations in this regard. We’ve also revamped the Cloud dialog and added a bunch of new controls for text layers in the Inspector. Please read on for an overview of the most important features in this release. Want to learn even more? Check out our changelog for the full list of changes.

Optimizing non-Latin fonts

One of the most frequent requests we use to get is the support of non-Latin characters. Well, guess what? Gravit Designer now supports scripts like Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Indic, Hebrew, Persian, Georgian, Cyrilic … and that’s just to name a few of them. All the scripts and character sets are detected automatically, with the appropriate font.

We even have a new Script selection in the Inspector to choose between the different character sets contained in fonts like Noto Sans, for example:

Still focusing on the internationalization of Gravit Designer, we now also offer Right-to-Left and Top-to-Bottom language support for text layers. You can switch it on using the new dropdown in the Inspector panel:

Text improvements

Enhanced options for text formatting were long overdue, too, that’s why we are taking our text tool to the next level. New controls are now available on the Inspector panel under the Text Appearance for easier access.

Bold and Italic options can be used if the font has these weight options availabe:

Underline and Strikethrough options can be used with any font:

For Gravit Designer PRO customers, the improvements go even further: on the Advanced Settings of the Text tool, you can find new options like Subscript, Superscript, Ligatures, and Fractions and Paragraph indent. Text transformation is also available to make your life easier when there’s a need to convert text to uppercase, lowercase, small caps or capitalize:

Subscript is an option that allows you to make particular text elements smaller, like for chemical compounds, for example:

And Superscript can be used to generate the small number above particular letters or numbers, like for mathematical exponents:

Ligatures allow you to craft one single glyph from two letters that might not look good if next to each other when using certain font types, like “ff” and “fi”. Please note that only some fonts support this feature.

Another addition to text is Fractions, allowing you to write fractional numbers correctly:

For case transformation, you now have the option to choose between Uppercase, Capitalize, Lowercase, and Small Caps:

Please note that Small Caps are not supported by all fonts.

Last but not least for text formatting: Paragraph indenting is also a possibility now, allowing you to add space before a paragraph (Indent) and also in between them (Spacing after):

To make a break that’s unaffected by paragraph spacing — a so-called soft break — press Shift + Enter.

Cloud dialog redesign

Another section of Gravit Designer that was longing for some enhancements was the Cloud dialog. Here, besides the revamped look, we also added a few new features that will boost your workflow, like the ability to maximize the window and switch between card and list view for your files:

When clicking a file, the options Cut, Delete and the new Donwload slide in from the bottom, and those are also available on the context menu of each file along with Open and Rename. You can download Cloud files directly to your computer from the dialog, without the need to open the file first:

A search bar is also available now to make it easier going through many files:

We hope you like what you are reading and we would love to hear your opinion in the comments or on the social media channels linked below. Please give the changelog a look for all improvements, new features and bug fixes in this release. Gravit Designer v2019–1 will be installed automatically or can be downloaded from our website. As always, the app store version may take a few days until they are available.




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