Gravit’s New Direction

Gravit is currently going through a wide array of fundamental changes to its existing system that we are extremely excited about. After we tell you, we hope that you will be excited for these additions as well and will assist us in building the greatest design tool available. Updates that are in the short-term future of Gravit will be native applications across various platforms, standard & pro versions of Gravit, designers will soon be able to connect to their cloud storage using Dropbox and Google Drive and the removal of the existing back-end & cloud functionalities within Gravit.

Gravit will soon be released as a native application on all popular platforms.

Native Gravit Application

The Gravit team are currently working hard to make our application available across any platform (Mac, Windows, Linux, iPhone, iPad and Android Devices) as a native application and continue to be available on the web (via Browser, Chrome OS and Google Drive). This will mean that you can work from the comfort of your PC at home, and continue your work online within our web application from your macbook on-the-go. This will work through the use of syncing to existing cloud technologies that will be made available through Gravit. Future development within this area will also include a touch version of Gravit that will be featured on the iPhone & iPad for download.

Professional & Standard versions of Gravit coming soon.

Pro & Standard Versions

Since beginning Gravit, our team has been attempting to walk a fine line between creating an application that beginners could use and learn with, as well as an application that could live up to the expectations of professional designers. After a lot of research and user discussion, we have come to the conclusion that this direction is not only difficult to execute, but also damaging and restricting for parties on either end of the spectrum. Based on these findings, we have decided to develop two seperate versions of Gravit that we hope will adhere to the needs of both entry-level and professional designers respectively.

The workspace and backend of Gravit will soon be removed.

Focus on the Designer

Currently, Gravit has a complete back-end which features cloud functionality that will sync and save your designs to be accessed from anywhere. While we do believe that this is an important feature, we have found that as a result of having such technologies — the team has been focusing less on what we believe is our core product, the designer, as a result of developing and maintaining the back-end. Considering this, we have decided that the logical next step for Gravit is to remove the back-end and workspace and utilise great existing technologies such as Google Drive & Adobe Creative Cloud to take over this functionality. With the reduced load on the back-end development, this will allow our development team to put complete focus on making both the Standard & Pro versions of Gravit Designer the best it can possibly be!

As you can see, there are a lot of exciting and positive changes occurring within Gravit. These have been driven by the team listening to our users and responding in the best way we know how, and that is centred around the refocusing on the Gravit designer. Through this refocus, we will deliver our users the best possible version of Gravit that everyone can design with, from anywhere.