When we started our blog a while ago, we not only wanted to give an insight into Gravit Designer and the team behind it but also to provide tips and tricks. With a small team, posting new content regularly can be quite a challenge though, so we’re opening our blog. We want to invite you, our dear reader, to write for us. This not only keeps the blog fresh but also provides new perspectives to our publication.

There really are no limits on what to write about, but we still like to provide some guidelines, so that the writing process is as smooth as possible for you:

  • The article needs to be related to Gravit Designer in any way. You can either write about a certain feature or technique, how you used our application to create a project, or any other appropriate design topic. We’re basically open to everything, as long as it isn’t too basic. We are definitely looking for more advanced topics.
  • Please talk to us briefly before starting the article, so that we can check if it fits the general theme and the topic hasn’t been covered before. Either create a comment or shoot us an email.
  • It needs to be unique content, that hasn’t been published on any other platform before. However, if you just wrote for your personal blog or website, that’s okay.
  • You need to be quite fluent in English, so that potential adjustments from our side keep within bounds.
  • We may still adapt the grammar here and there, but basically we like to publish the article as provided by you.
  • The length of the article is up to you. However, the potential payment is closely tied to it: A basic article (~ 750 words) is worth about 50 €, a detailed article (~ 2.000 words) with many images gets you the full
    100 €. And there’s everything in between, as the payment also depends on the quality of the writing and the number of images. So it’s hard to name a general number.
  • The article needs to be prepared as a draft on Medium, including all images. Then it can be submitted to our publication, so that we can accept it and arrange everything.
  • We are not looking for beginner’s tutorials, as that’s already covered by our own tutorials. Articles should rather be aimed at intermediate to advanced users–that doesn’t mean, however, that you can’t describe your process step-by-step.
  • If you need some inspiration for topics to write about, have a look at these wonderful publications: uxplanet.org, medium.muz.li/@usemuzli, blog.prototypr.io, uxdesign.cc, deardesignstudent.com, medium.com/facebook-design, medium.com/@InVisionApp
  • All things considered, we still reserve the right to reject articles if they don’t fit our blog or the guidelines. That shouldn’t happen typically however.

Happy writing!

Photo via VisualHunt.com

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Gravit Designer

The official blog of Gravit Designer, the design software made for everyone. Get it now on https://designer.io


Christian Krammer

Written by

Product manager of Gravit Designer. A cross-platform design tool for the 21st century empowering everyone to design. https://designer.io

Gravit Designer

The official blog of Gravit Designer, the design software made for everyone. Get it now on https://designer.io

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