AM 2.10

Titouan Compiègne
Nov 5, 2019 · 2 min read

We are pleased to announce that Access Management 2.10 is now available.

What’s new ?

For this version we are mainly focus on bug fixes and improvements to prepare the next v3 version.

However, here are the highlights of this release:

  • Auto login after registration and reset password process
  • Enhance OpenID Connect UserInfo response

Auto login feature

Currently if a user complete its registration or reset its password he must go to the sign in page to log in and ask for new tokens. Sometimes it can be useful for the business to get users automatically logged in once they do registration or reset their password.

In this way, you can prevent situations where your users can be lost because of too many round trips between your application and the authorization server.

Auto login for registration and reset password

OpenID Connect UserInfo Response

You can now directly retrieve user’s roles and groups from the OpenID Connect UserInfo response by using token with scopes roles and groups.

User’s roles
OpenId Connect UserInfo payload

And more …

  • Propagate OAuth 2.0 custom claims to the refresh token
  • Enhance Gateway sync process
  • Increase LDAP Identity Provider performance
  • Group member management (REST-API)

To discover all these new features, just follow the installation guide or start to play with by using Docker.

Waiting for your feedbacks, we would be happy to talk and help you from Gitter channel.

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