AM 2.7

Titouan Compiègne
Jun 24 · 2 min read

We are pleased to announce that Access Management 2.7 is now available.

What’s new ?

Here are the highlight of this release:

  • Extension Point Management (Policies are coming to AM !)

Extension Point Management

Do you use API Management Policies ? Do you enjoy them ? Do they leverage your APIs usage and let you innovate ?

It’s a pleasure to tell you that those policies are coming to Access Management and allow you to extend the AM Gateway functionalities. They will allow you to apply custom technical and functional features.

In AM Policies are called Extension Points because they are executed only against selected key stages and act more or less as a webhooks.

Those extension points will let you call external web services to make extra controls or enhance user data and rely on the execution context to use these information later on (e.g in your custom HTML pages).

Extension Point Management

For now AM supports three extension points :

  • ROOT : before all business/protocols requests — mostly for security/technical features
  • PRE_CONSENT : before User Consent — to fetch additional information and display them in the consent page (useful in PSD2/OpenBanking context)
  • POST_CONSENT : after User Consent — to apply extra controls before approve/deny user consents

We expect to add more extension points (PRE_LOGIN, POST_LOGIN, …) in a near future.

You can now discover this new feature via our quick-start and by reading the documentation.

Custom error page

You can now override the default error page that can be display in certains circumstances (OAuth 2.0/OIDC errors, technical errors, …)

Custom error page

And more …

You can find the full changelog here and the list of deprecations and breaking changes here. We have also added:

To discover all these new features, just follow the installation guide or start to play with by using Docker.

Waiting for your feedbacks, we would be happy to talk and help you from Gitter channel.

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