David Brassely
Jul 11, 2018 · 4 min read

It is a big pleasure for us to start a blog series about Gravitee.io API Platform.

We are thinking that a good open-source project is based on a vibrant community, amazing contributors, finical users, … and a blog was one of the missing piece to improve the communication around Gravitee.io

That’s the reason why we’ve decided to create this blog: share our thoughts, extend the documentation, present enterprise use-cases, …

We hope you will enjoy to read us! And what is the better way to start a blog post ? By announcing a new release, pardi!

After one month of development, we are happy to announce the fresh new release of Gravitee.io API Management: 1.18.

The full changelog can be found here but here are some new features we want to highlight:

New policies

This release is now including new policies in our default distribution: URL-rewriting and json-validation.

URL-Rewriting policy may be used to rewrite HTTP response headers and / or HTTP response body. You can have a look to the documentation here

JSON Validation policy can be configured to validate incoming HTTP request body according to a given JSON Schema. In case of a bad payload sent by the consumer, a bad_request status code (400) is returned to him. The documentation is available here.

Top 10 resources

This was a long-awaited feature, we are happy to make it available as part of this new release. You may now have a look to the most consumed paths / resources and apply analytics filter based on this field.

Top paths / Top mapped paths

An other amazing feature is that we are providing to the API publisher the ability to define it’s own path-mapping to “group” paths which includes path-parameters.

Better notification support

Notifications have been provided in Gravitee.io since release 1.10 (yes, it was already six months ago…). Notifications are really helpful to users (api publishers but also api consumers) and that’s the reason why we choose to improve and add new notification type in this release.

Depending on your user profile, you may know be aware of:

  1. A user log-in for the first time on the portal
  2. A new api-key is generated for a subscription
  3. A rating / a comment is added to an API
  4. A support ticket has been created
  5. An API is started / stopped — notify the subscribers

API Gallery — Group the APIs

Previously, the API Gallery was composed of API cards and these one were “categorized” into something we called views.

API Gallery — API cards

Now, you can change the layout of the API gallery by moving to “view cards” and highlight a specific API in this view:

OpenAPI pages — Improve configuration

This release includes a way to finely configure the Swagger / OpenAPI pages rendering.

OpenAPI configuration
OpenAPI — Portal rendering

And many more…

Release 1.18 is providing many improvements for both API publishers but also to API consumers: Prometheus support, Memory and CPU optimizations, Kafka reporter, Keycloak resource, etc, …

We would love to write some words about each of them, but it makes probably more sense to let you discover them by yourself.

For this, just follow the installation guide and start to play with Gravitee.io by using Docker.

You have questions, suggestions, issues (with Gravitee ? Never, …), we would be happy to help you from Gitter channel.


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