David Brassely
Sep 14, 2018 · 3 min read

Yes, you are right, it was a long time since the last release of Gravitee.io…. two months ago! But it was time for the core team to enjoy their holidays and go back with much more motivation, ideas to make the platform even better!

Today, we are happy to announce Gravitee.io API Management 1.19. The full change-log can be found here but we would like to take a little of your time to highlight “top” features:

Quality Rating

As we used to say, an API is nothing without consumer. These consumers must know about your APIs, whether it’s about business or technical aspects. That’s also the reason to be of the developer portal: providing a perfect way to communicate and explain the purpose of your APIs.

That’s one of the reason we choose to implement this new Quality Rating feature. We are now applying several rules to calculate the quality of your API by checking some parts of API, including:

  • Does the API is providing a business documentation (markdown page)
  • Does the API is providing a technical documentation (swagger / OAI)
  • Does the API has a complete name, description or logo

This feature gives some clues to the API Manager team about the global quality of published APIs:

Quality metrics per API

Markdown Editor

This new version is coming with a fresh new Markdown editor which makes it even easier to write documentation (probably something you need to reach the 100% quality rate :) ).

This editor is providing all the WYSIWYG tools you need:

Markdown Editor with its a sync rendering

Communication channel

One of the most wanted feature is about providing a communication channel between administrators of the platform and API publishers but also between API publishers and their consumers.

This feature is now part of this new version. API Publisher are now able to send a message (mail) or a notification to their subscribers without having to look or know about their address. Just use the form, Gravitee.io takes care of the rest.

Communicate with platform users

Global dictionaries

In previous version of Gravitee.io, you were able (and you’re still able) to manage a dictionary of properties per API.

Something, it may takes sense to manage more globally and you don’t want to configure dynamic properties per API.

Here is the purpose of the global dictionaries feature: being able to configure dictionary for all the platform, make them available to APIs and be able to use them using the expression language to enhance HTTP requests / responses.

Global dictionaries can be managed manually, meaning that you have to manage properties by your own, but you can also create dynamic dictionary and let Gravitee.io to get them from a given provider (HTTP service, …).

Manage global properties

And many more…

Gravitee.io API Management1.19 is providing many more features and improvements among which we can find:

  • Support for expression language in the endpoint’s target
  • Even better users and groups management
  • Default role for group members
  • Top slow and top failed metrics in application’s analytics

We would love to write some words about each of them, but it makes probably more sense to let you discover them by yourself.

For this, just follow the installation guide and start to play with Gravitee.io by using Docker.

You have questions, suggestions, issues (with Gravitee ? Never, …), we would be happy to help you from Gitter channel.


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