APIM 1.24

Azize Elamrani
Mar 25 · 2 min read

A new version of API Management has just been released

Subscription transfer

Previously you were not able to transfer a subscription. This can be useful to upgrade your subscription without changing your token (api key or access token).

Now you are able to transfer a subscription to another plan of the same type.

Transfer subscription

User creation

Until this version, it was not possible to dynamically create users on APIM. The users are able to connect through an identity provider (ldap, social providers…), to register themselves (if enabled) but an administrator was not abled to create users from the UI.

This is the past, as now, we provide a way to create users from UI/rest-api.

Create a user

Hits by user agent

It can be useful to track the user agent information. It’s now possible by enabling the option is gravitee.yml:

    enabled: true
        ingest: geoip, user_agent

After this, you will have to configure the platform to display the analytics widgets:

Analytics widgets configuration

And then check the result in analytics dashboard

Hits by user agent

Eureka service discovery support

From now, it was possible to discover endpoints in APIM from Now we had support of Eureka.

Thanks Fabrice Mercier for the contribution.

And more …

You can find the full changelog here. We have also added:

  • JDK11 support,
  • an option to log the end-user when using a OAuth2/JWT plan,
  • the possibility to use expression language in headers value when using policy mock,
  • an option to limit max size body when logging is enabled,

For this, just follow the installation guide and start to play with by using Docker.

You have questions, suggestions, issues, we would be happy to help you from our Gitter channel.

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