Azize Elamrani
Jun 20 · 3 min read

We are pleased to announce that API Management version 1.27 has been released.

Multi analytics dashboards

This version introduce new analytics dashboards in addition to the default one. You will be able to get some new analytics data as the geolocation or the used devices to consume your APIs.

Dashboard Geo
Device dashboard

In order to use it, you will have to install ElasticSearch plugins and configure your API Gateway:

reporters.elasticsearch.pipeline.plugins.ingest: geoip, user_agent

Create an application step by step

This version of APIM is coming with a brand new wizard to help you to create an application step by step. This will also make easier the subscription to APIs while creating your amazing app.

Step 1 — general information
Step 2 — type of application
Step 3 — subscriptions
Step 4 — validation

And voila! You are now able to consume the API!

Selection condition on OAuth2/JWT plans

In the previous versions, we were not able to create multiple OAuth2/JWT plans. The reason is quite simple, as it’s time consuming to check all the plan, if one fail we just reject the call.

Now you are able to define a rule to select or not a plan. The rule can be based on the request parameters of course, but also on the JWT claims as you can see on this example.

Plan selection rule

And more …

You can find the full changelog here and the list of deprecations and breaking changes here. We have also added:

  • Ability to renew the client secret of an (oauth2) application,
  • Support of DCR client credentials,
  • Ability to apply plans restrictions for deployment,
  • New subscription view to subscribe to multiple API’s plans from your application,

For this, just follow the installation guide and start to play with by using Docker.

The plugins have been deployed here and you can get the distribution here.

You have questions, suggestions, issues, we would be happy to help you from our Gitter channel.

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