APIM 1.29 released!

Azize Elamrani
Sep 18 · 2 min read

We are pleased to announce that API Management version 1.29 has been released.

Virtual hosting support

This release introduces the ability to define virtual hosts on the entrypoints of a specific API. This can be useful for making your API accessible on different hosts and / or different context paths.

Virtual hosting

Analytics stats data

An API publisher will now have new statistics on the use of its API. In addition to HTTP status, he will be able to know the minimum, maximum and average response times. He will also have information on the number of requests per second.

Analytics stats

Sparkline graph on subscriptions

When you use a lot of subscriptions, it can be very difficult to know which one is still used. With this graph, you can easily find old subscriptions and close them.

Sparkline graph

And more …

You can find the full changelog here and the list of deprecations and breaking changes here. We have also added:

For this, just follow the installation guide and start to play with by using Docker.

The plugins have been deployed here and you can get the distribution here.

You have questions, suggestions, issues, we would be happy to help you from our Gitter channel.

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