APIM 1.30 released!

Azize Elamrani
Nov 19, 2019 · 3 min read

We are pleased to announce that API Management version 1.30 has been released.

Please note that 1.30.x version is the latest of 1.x release stream.

We are now working hard on the API Platform v3. A blog post is coming soon to announce and present the new platform.

Dynamic analytics dashboards

This release is coming with a way to configure custom analytics dashboards. Previously you were not able to configure your dashboards, now you will be able to add / delete / edit dashboards and also choose the widgets you need to display for an application owner, an API publisher or a platform administrator.

Analytics dashboard

Allows to define manual rules validated by the reviewer which will affect the API quality

In the previous versions, the API quality rate was processed dynamically only. The need here was to be able to define some manual rules, validated by a reviewer which will affect the API rate.

Manual quality rules

Lifecycle — allows to deprecate an API

Sometimes it can be interesting to deprecate an API in order to replace it progressively. This action is now available on an API and can not be undone. By deprecating an API, it will no longer be published and all its plans will be deprecated also.

Deprecate API

Duplicate an api to create a new version of the API

For many reasons (deprecate, API templating…), you may need to duplicate an API and change its context path (and version).

Duplicate API

And more …

You can find the full changelog here and the list of deprecations and breaking changes here. We have also added:

  • Alerting integration (a dedicated post is coming soon)
  • Support Expression Language in resource name (thanks to brightlizard)
  • Report unhandled APIs (404) (thanks to kanischev)
  • Client registration (DCR) manage software_id
  • Allows to override claim to read for the log of the end user

For this, just follow the installation guide and start to play with by using Docker.

The plugins have been deployed here and you can get the distribution here.

You have questions, suggestions, issues, we would be happy to help you from our Gitter channel.

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