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We’ve launched our community forum!

Ljubica Lazarevic
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3 min readJan 20, 2022


We have some exciting news to share with you! Over the past few weeks we have been setting up our brand new community forum. Using the Discourse platform, we’ll have dedicated categories for anything from letting the community know what you’re working on, upcoming events, what features you think should be in the product, and of course a place for you to post your questions. Come on over and join us. We’re looking forward to seeing you there!

What is Discourse?

Discourse is an open source discussion platform that allows users to join in on conversations in a well-managed, organised forum. It is hands down one of the most used discussion platforms around the world.

Why are we migrating from Gitter?

Gitter has done a great job of enabling us to talk to the community, but as the number of users has grown, using Gitter has become unwieldy for everybody concerned! Despite the introduction of threads, everything flows into the one space, resulting in multiple conversations taking place at once. This resulted in making it hard to follow individual conversations, and not a straightforward search mechanism to find out if someone has had the same question previously.

So how does the new forum do it better?

There are a number of benefits now available to us in the new forum, let’s have a look at them now.

Easier to search

Whether it be Google, or the built in search function on the forum, you’ll be able to quickly find past content.

Frequently Asked Questions

Based on common questions that have come up about the product, we’ve created a regularly updated list of knowledge for you to browse — your first port of call for when you’ve got a query.

Dedicated categories to ask your questions

We have set up categories for each of the Gravitee product parts, so that not only do you have somewhere dedicated to ask your questions, you are able to see other questions people have asked around similar topics. Also, if you have specific expertise around one of the products, it’s a lot easier to join in and help your fellow community members.

A space to talk about what projects you’re working on

There are many users of the Gravitee platform worldwide, from large government agencies, medium-sized organizations and those starting small. Setting up that new start up? Working on an exciting project. Building a new plugin? We want to hear about all of it. Keep us up to date! This is a great opportunity to build relationships across the Gravitee community.

A place to tell us what you’d love to see in the product

Got ideas about what you’d like to see in the product? Want to bounce thoughts about with community members about what should come next? We’ve got you covered in this category on the forum. Would like to see some changes/additions to the community forum, then this is also the place to let us know.

Keeping in touch

If you were a fan of the Direct Message feature on Gitter, never fear there’s one also available in the forum.

Anything special for early adopters?

Absolutely! We’re so excited that you’re joining us on this journey that we’d love to give you some recognition.

Everybody who joins the forum and introduces themselves and what they’re working on will receive a limited-edition Discourse badge added to their profile. They’ll be available until the end of February 2022.

You can find out more from our guide on how to use the forum.

Wrapping it up:

  • We’re replacing Gitter with our new Discourse community forum
  • You’ll have all of the functionality there was previously, with extras to help you find what you’re looking for as well as building relationships with the community
  • Come say hello! Be an early adopter and we’ll give you a limited edition badge