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Beta version of PATHWAY, collateral management protocol, to launch in September

Early adopters of PATHWAY, an advanced market-making protocol, will be able to test it in application to GTON, the governance token of Graviton.

Voting begins on the final parameters of PATHWAY, an automated market-making protocol, which is set to launch as an experiment on Graviton treasury management. Contingent upon the successful results of the experiment, the protocol will be extended to become a versatile solution for tokenomics management.

Graviton, a universal liquidity incentivization solution for wrapped assets with a seamless cross-chain experience, established in April 2021, is preparing to launch its cross-chain farms for wrapped assets this summer. The first farms are undergoing community testing at this moment.

To establish an all-encompassing cross-chain infrastructure for its users, the Graviton team develops a series of complementary products dedicated to simplifying cross-chain swaps and stabilizing the tokenomics.

One of Graviton’s novel ideas aimed at hedging against market fluctuations is embodied in the automatic market making protocol called PATHWAY. If market conditions allow, the protocol can stabilize the capitalization growth trajectory within certain pre-defined boundaries, which reflect the desired evolution of the project’s capitalization in time. The adjustments of the protocol’s parameters are fully transparent and determined by governance via voting. More on the concept here.

PATHWAY can allow for automating some trading activities aimed at stabilizing the token’s market dynamics:

  • DeFi Projects can use their treasury funds as a market-making source by selling the token to the market and replenishing the treasury with collateral (for example, in stablecoins), and then buying the token from the market using the collateral assets
  • DeFi projects and their token holders can collectively define targets for project market capitalization on a one to two year timescale or other specified intervals, based on the assessment of similar projects in terms of market, ecosystem, investors, etc.
  • Governance stakeholders can reconsider the capitalization target when new factors begin to impact the project, e.g. new products’ release, new partners, investors, market conditions, etc.
  • These target trajectories of the project capitalization growth can be approximated algorithmically and followed through a system with feedback loops
  • This automated system should be completely transparent, and third-party market makers or traders can follow its dynamics and synchronize, further neutralizing spontaneous pumps & dumps. On the contrary, this system should employ randomization techniques to stay robust against bot manipulation tactics.

The first implementation of the PATHWAY protocol is designed specifically for Graviton and its governance token GTON. However, this algorithmic model fits most crypto projects using Treasury as collateral for token issuance, or specialised market-making funds.

Following the community voting, the PATHWAY protocol for Graviton will be launched with the following parameters:

You have a chance to be the first to participate in the launch of the PATHWAY protocol. Voting for the initial PATHWAY parameters for Graviton will last until July 27. The parameters that will have received the majority of votes will be integrated in the beta version. The voting participants will be able to directly observe the automated market-making processes and receive weekly reports on the impact that PATHWAY has on the project’s capitalization.

PATHWAY proposal #1: on the implementation of the concept

PATHWAY proposal #2: on the final parameters of the beta version

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