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5 min readSep 7, 2021


The Graviton team identified a set of so-called #LOLTs, which stands for Lack of Liquidity tokens. The primary aim of the Graviton project is to become a universal multi-chain solution that provides liquidity to those tokens that have low or zero liquidity in DeFi. This is ingrained in the two concepts that lie at the core of Graviton: Relay Token & Reflection Farming.

As a standalone protocol, Graviton canot fully solve the #LOLT problem, and for a successful execution of this long-term strategy, the project requires a range of products that are easy-to-use and convenient for average DeFi users, or even for those who have little to no experience with AMM LP, farming, trading, and arbitrage.

The Graviton R&D team has launched two proofs of concept that demonstrate the GTON use case as a relay token: 1. LP Farming and 2. Relay Swap. However, these are still sophisticated products and their mass adoption is severely limited by the level of user’s experience with DeFi.

Later in this article, I aim to describe how one can solve this problem by evolving these services into two separate products: 1. Candy Shop and 2. OGSwap (the name suggested by the community).

The current growth strategy for GTON as a #multichain relay token is to create liquidity buffers with GTON on various chains.To do so, Graviton establishes partnerships with projects to boost multichain liquidity of their tokens through token wrapping and GTON farming reward. To accelerate this process, we have launched contests in collaboration with Anyswap:

We also collaborate with our strategic partner Impossible Finance, to turn the multichain liquidity boosting of new projects into a streamlined pipeline: this direction of workworks unambiguously gives benefits to all parties.

The market is developing rapidly, and in addition to partnerships and collaborations with the existing projects, many opportunities exist for assembling new teams and incubating projects that can benefit the Graviton ecosystem in both long and short term. Multichain, NFT and gaming are fast-growing areas, and it’s important to act now to reap the benefits. To accelerate this process, we plan to assemble new independent full stack teams and integrate the results of their work into the framework of the Graviton ecosystem.

All projects described below have utility tokens with various functions.

A list of projects that either already have MVPs or are going to launch in the near future:

I. Already developed by Graviton Core team:

1. CandyShop is a marketplace for buying/selling LP allocations with farming and boosting in the form of NFTs (called Candies). This service aims to become a simple entry point to LP mining & farming, since a farming allocation can be seen as a separate passive income product which does not require wrapping assets or submitting liquidity in different chains. All that is required from a user is to do research on price and volume performance in farming pools, and acquire or liquidate them to form a portfolio, rebalancing and reselling the allocations in the form of NFT to the secondary market when needed.

Example: a stake in the ANY / GTON pool on SpiritSwap (Fantom) can be bought as NFT on any convenient blockchain at a market price (provided from Band and Chainlink oracles).

This service takes fees from purchases and liquidations of Candies. It also requires a DAO to manage the preliminary purchase of tokens and LP, therefore a specialized governance token $CANDY will be created, which will also distribute fees between holders.

2. OGSwap is a Relay Swap service based on the protocol. The service allows exchanging a native token on one blockchain to a native token on another in one click. This project has the potential to grow into a full-fledged crosschain exchange, not limited only to native tokens. OGSwap requires its own validators, oracle keepers and whitelisting of tokens. Each swap generates a commission that will be distributed among the validators/stakers. Token: $OGS

3. SuSy Bridge is a Non-EVM <-> EVM bridge. SuSy is a bridge solution for Solana, Cardano, Ergo, Polkadot already in use by the Graviton infrastructure. It currently has permissioned network validators, and in order to decentralize it, a PoS model with a separate token $SUSY will be implemented.

II. Hackathon Projects

  1. Fourier Bridge is an NFT bridge based on a modification of the SuSy protocol. The NFT industry is hot, at least in the short term. To support bridges for NFTs, separate specialized groups of validators are required, and the monetization model based on commissions and integration with NFT marketplaces have their own specifics. Therefore, a separate validator token $FFT will be issued.
  2. GalleryDAOs is a solution for tokenizing NFT collections implemented at the NFTVision Hack by the Graviton team. It is a DAO of DAOs with its own governance token $GALLERY.

III. Other projects that may fall into the incubation of Graviton Ecosystem:

  1. Crosschain Tools is a project made by a Graviton ambassador, which is a BI tool for researching multi-chain projects, arbitration opportunities and accessibility, liquidity and profitability of assets on various chains. It is possible to issue a token for Crosschain Tools, as was done with DexTools: Proof of Concept:
  2. is a protocol for generating NFT collections based on Deep Learning, the project team is independent and assembled from the Graviton community members.

All projects incubated under Graviton will have independent terms & conditions and token release schedule. The tokens released for each project will be available to the token holders of GTON under special conditions which will be announced separately.

Graviton Ecosystem tokens will be boosted via GTON-LP farming and will get multi-chain liquidity across all platforms where GTON is integrated. In order for the growth of the Graviton ecosystem to happen quickly, I also propose to issue the aforementioned tokens of these projects instantaneously on decentralized exchanges in pairs to GTON and native tokens on the respective platforms.

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