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Graviton Is Live Now! Deposit In the Treasury And Secure Your Farming Share

Starting today, users can provide funds into the treasury, securing a share of the future GTON emission.

Graviton, a universal wrapped tokens’ liquidity incentivization solution, providing seamless access to multiple chains with Ethereum mirror accounts and creating a reward-based economy around wrapped assets, is now opening its treasury deposit for early backers, or, as we call them, early birds.

Graviton envisions a fair initial token distribution through the Treasury Farming mechanics, with the community having an even access to GTON distribution. The project is being launched with a deposit-only phase. Please note that there will be no difference in share distribution whether a user’s deposit occurs at the beginning of the period or at the end, since farming itself is going to start at a later date. The deposit phase becomes available at 00:21 Dubai Time, April, 16.

The early bird phase will last for two weeks, during which the early backers of the project can deposit a stablecoin of their choice via the Graviton Treasury farming app. To supply funds to the treasury, one has to obtain a special invite code, which can be received by passing the quiz on the basics of Graviton. The code is disposable and expires once the user submits funds.

To find out more about our treasury architecture, see the documentation about Interchain Farming:

The overall allocation of GTON for the early backers is equal to 10% of the whole GTON supply. By the end of the second week, each backer is assigned a treasury impact which represents his or her share of 2 100 000 tokens which constitute 10% of the entire emission of the Graviton’s governance token — GTON.

An important feature of our initial distribution approach is that during the first two weeks, there is no difference in share distribution if a user’s deposit occurs at the beginning of the period or at the end. The farming will start for everyone simultaneously once the early-bird period is over.

We are also designating a separate allocation for strategic partners to achieve flexibility in project funding, in provision of liquidity, as well as an increased utility and investment attractiveness of the GTON token. Now, alongside a 10% allocation to early backers, 20% of the allocation is assigned to strategic deals with potential partners (partners, integrations, listings and investors). This separation prevents large deposits from our potential strategic partners from diluting the shares of EB participants, which will result in a fairer community-driven launch. Please note that the EB period remains the stepping stone for the launch of Graviton’s tokenomics, and no partner or investment deals had been made before the start of EB treasury.

The usage of funds collected into the Treasury will be determined through governance of GTON holders. As for farmed GTON, more details about the rest of the allocations, their purpose, and the product roadmap, will be announced after the launch of the EB deposit period.

The start of the regular backers’ opportunity and the launch of wrapped tokens’ LP farming will be announced later.



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