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SpiritSwap partners with Graviton to enter cross-chain markets

The mutual support between the two projects in pursuit of enhancing the cross-chain experience and liquidity on SpiritSwap will be the main focus of this collaboration.

We are thrilled to announce that SpiritSwap, one of the first, most reliable, and largest AMM DEXs in the Fantom ecosystem, has started collaborating with Graviton to further advance the cross-chain DeFi movement.

Graviton and SpiritSwap share similar product development philosophies in the area of DeFi and views on cross-chain economic growth that will undoubtedly facilitate future synergies.

Graviton is primarily designed to increase tokens’ liquidity and utility across different blockchains. It unites the communities of multiple networks and incentivizes cross-chain and cross-product interaction through the Graviton Catalyst program. Catalyst is a key component of Graviton, and as a farming platform, it provides rewards in GTON, Graviton’s governance token, to those who simply hold LP rewards from multiple AMMs, regardless of the chain they are based on.

SpiritSwap, recognizing the lack of liquidity as one of the key obstacles hampering the growth of cross-chain DeFi, aims to accelerate its expansion with the help of Graviton.

To achieve a wider cross-chain accessibility, the partnership between SpiritSwap and Graviton will span several major areas:

Building a cross-chain community around SpiritSwap and Graviton

As SpiritSwap will integrate tokens from other chains into its DeFi products, providing additional value to users, a lot of work is planned around special marketing activities and incentives for users from both sides.

Graviton will be constantly rotating SpiritSwap’s LP rewards participating in Catalyst to boost the liquidity of a large variety of promising tokens on SpiritSwap. The ability to increase gains for their favorite assets will also bring users of other networks to SpiritSwap.

Catalyzing SPIRIT

Graviton is planning to launch Catalyst programs for SPIRIT LP rewards, incentivizing users to wrap SPIRIT into other chains and provide liquidity there, which means that the partnership will be beneficial for SPIRIT’s tokenomics as well.

Increasing GTON liquidity

At this moment, most of $GTON liquidity is placed in FTM, USDC, fUSDT pools on SpiritSwap. Graviton will give out a significant amount of rewards in GTON to users who provide liquidity to GTON on SpiritSwap through the Catalyst program.

Bringing the wrapped versions of promising tokens onto SpiritSwap

Graviton will include infrastructure for wrapping assets between Ethereum, BSC, Solana, Polygon through Graviton Megabridge, its bridge aggregator. The collaboration of the two teams will facilitate listings of Megabridge tokens on SpiritSwap and most lucrative conditions for LP farming. This will allow to trade wrapped tokens from different ecosystems in a decentralized manner on SpiritSwap, leveraging Fantom’s blazing speed and low fees.

Current agreements involve setting up extremely promising pools for wrapped SOL, AVAX, MATIC, 1INCH and others.

About Graviton

Graviton is a universal wrapped tokens’ liquidity incentivization solution that provides the technological foundation for seamless cross-chain communication and creates a reward-based economy around wrapped assets.

Graviton solves issues of complicated, multi-step user experience and insufficient liquidity of tokens wrapped in chains other than Ethereum. Its diverse infrastructure includes bridge aggregators, cross-chain wallets, and LP reward farming products.

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About SpiritSwap

SpiritSwap is a decentralized exchange (DEX) on the Fantom Opera Chain. SpiritSwap is a constant-product automated market maker (AMM). In an AMM, users can simply provide liquidity by depositing a token pair into a pool. In return, they receive LP tokens to track their share of the pool and they earn a fee for every swap that occurs in their pool. Users can trade against a liquidity pool to swap tokens.

Liquidity on SpiritSwap is incentivized through yield farming. Users can stake their SPIRIT-LP tokens to earn SPIRIT tokens (a valueless governance token). inSPIRIT tokens can be used to vote in the DAO on parameters such as emissions rates, farms to add, farm allocations, and future development. inSPIRIT token holders can also earn revenue from the SpiritSwap protocol.

SpiritSwap consistently maintains the highest volume on Fantom (2x volume relative to all DEXs) while maintaining a top tier TVL. With one of the most vibrant and welcoming communities, SpiritSwap is here to stay.

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