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🚨NFT Embed: New Features Alert!🚨

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Here at Graviton, we are excited to announce that our NFT Embed product is now powered by Reservoir and Embedly. 🥳

NFT Embed x Reservoir x Embedly= 🚀🚀🚀

NFT Embed allows anyone to transform any website into a fully-functional NFT marketplace to showcase and sell single NFTs and collections directly to consumers. With Reservoir and Embedly integration, NFT Embed is more than a marketplace for your websites and apps. It’s now also an embeddable NFT aggregator that will work on a bunch of your favorite platforms.


Reservoir provides open-source, on-chain NFT order aggregation across the Ethereum ecosystem. With NFT Embed, this means that users now have full visibility of offers, bids, and listings on multiple marketplaces inside the widget.


Embedly provides the tools to quickly embed a variety of rich media content into any web page. With NFT Embed, this means that users can seamlessly embed a fully-functional NFT marketplace into web applications ranging from websites and blogs to forums and social media sites. If you’re a user of platforms such as Medium, Wordpress, and Airbnb, or a publisher at a media outlet such as The New York Times, NPR, or The Atlantic, you can integrate NFT Embed.

Buy NFTs right here right now

Want to buy this NFT from this Medium article? Well, now you can! Simply connect either your MetaMask, Coinbase, or Wallet Connect wallet right here right now and away you go. Check it out. 👇

Full NFT marketplace and WEB3 wallet functionality in a widget.

Embed, showcase, and sell NFTs across the web in 5 minutes

To use our free widget-based tool, (1) Go to the NFT Embed website, (2) Select “Single NFT” or “Collection” in the Configuration panel, (3) Complete the input fields, (4) Copy the unique URL included in the iframe code (Figure 1), (5) Go to and paste the unique “…” URL into the corresponding field (Figure 2), (6) Paste the Embed Code from into your Medium article or other web page, and (7) Go live!

Figure 1: URL area to copy from
Figure 2: Input field to paste URL from NFT Embed site to

Universe Marketplace Protocol

Universe is still the default protocol for listing and making offers in NFT Embed, which also offers the lowest trading fees in the ecosystem at 0.3%. Universe now joins the ranks of the other major marketplaces at being integrated into the Reservoir protocol. Just a reminder, Universe protocol is governed by the $XYZ token and if you want to add a token for payment into the protocol for swapping NFTs it will need to go through a DAO vote.

More information

To learn more about how to generate the code to embed your NFTs for free, watch the short demo video below, go to, or contact us.



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