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Xeenon’s Decentralized Infrastructure

Roadmap for Xeenon using $LPT and $XYZ in our decentralized infrastructure tech stack.

At Graviton, we feel it is imperative to provide a comprehensive understanding of the underlying structure of Xeenon and our future direction. You may have observed our frequent discussions regarding the Livepeer Orchestrator and the facility for users to stake their $LPT tokens, as well as our integration of NFT Torrent into the Universe NFT Marketplace Protocol ecosystem, utilizing the $XYZ token. These two technological elements facilitate the creation of Unstoppable Media within a participatory and incentivized platform, all while delivering a seamless user experience.

Graviton’s Livepeer Orchestrator

Graviton has maintained a Livepeer orchestrator for over a year now while we’ve been hard at work building the Xeenon media platform. The intention was to point the transcoding needs of the platform to the orchestrator. The benefits of this are three fold

  1. The proprietorship of our orchestrator affords us the latitude to explore a novel supply-side business model, where we possess discretion over the various fee parameters of the orchestrator node. This enables us to fine-tune our return on investment to align with our company’s specific requirements.
  2. The development of a front-end application with exceptional user experience in proximity to the orchestrator affords us the capability to direct users and video transcoding requirements towards the orchestrator.
  3. Facilitating the ability for users to stake in our orchestrator and receive rewards establishes a virtuous cycle for the platform. As a larger number of individuals stake $LPT in the orchestrator, they become motivated to promote the platform due to the increased incentives in the form of $ETH and $LPT that arise from greater utilization.

NFT Torrent Integration

Graviton offers NFT Torrent as a service, enabling users to generate tNFTs or tNFT collections, linked directly to torrents on the widely utilized decentralized storage system, BitTorrent network. Our specialized torrent seeding client can be connected to any Ethereum wallet, and those who hold a sufficient amount of $XYZ staked in the Universe DAO are eligible to receive royalties from the tNFT torrents they are facilitating. Verification of the wallet and DAO staking can be accomplished through our integrated Graviton interface.

Xeenon’s forthcoming major platform update will incorporate a video-on-demand (VOD) component, stored in our S3 bucket. Upon deployment, we will seamlessly integrate NFT Torrent as a mechanism for artists to secure their content through decentralized storage via torrents. Our NFT Torrent service will hash these torrents into NFTs, which will be made available for trade on the artists’ personal tNFT marketplace within their profile. If a content creator’s fans participate in seeding the torrent, they will be eligible to receive a portion of the trade, provided their client is verified and they have an adequate amount of $XYZ staked in the Universe DAO.

Royalty Enabled

Xeenon is a Royalty-Enabled media platform and envisions a wide array of innovative applications of this cutting-edge WEB3 mechanism in the long term, in order to foster collaborative opportunities between fans and creators within what we refer to as the Collab Economy.

Friendly reminder we have an Orchestrator Campaign going on now.

Also read more about WEB3 tech stack here.



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