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Suterusu integrates with Gravity, bringing Private Cross-Chain Transactions to target chains

We are excited to announce that Suterusu will integrate with Gravity, forming an alliance to further strengthen Gravity’s blockchain agnostic data and interchain communication protocol via Suterusu’s privacy-preserving DeFi functionality.

Gravity was started within Waves’ ecosystem as a way of stimulating the adoption of interchain DeFi (#InDeFi). Gravity strives to be a truly blockchain-agnostic and token-agnostic cross-chain oracle and communication protocol. Additionally, Gravity doesn’t have its own native token. Instead, it leverages the economies and native tokens of the blockchains Gravity connects to.

For that reason, we’re are eager for Suterusu to integrate with Gravity, since their proposed concept is well aligned with our token-agnostic approach to decentralizing the economic stability of Gravity’s oracle consensus model. We believe the cumulative network of Gravity will benefit from Suterusu’s unique cross-chain privacy-preserving 2nd layer protocol and privacy-preserving DeFi built on top of its original ZK-ConSNARK technology.

Suterusu’s virtual machine, which utilizes a brand-new, trustless, zero-knowledge proof scheme with almost constant-size proofs and superb computational efficiency will help provide protection for confidential cross-chain transactions and data privacy. It is a novel interoperability solution that not only could increase liquidity to the blockchains utilizing Suterusu’s service while promoting the free flow of value and information among the external chains that are connected to Gravity’s network. More information on how Suterusu’s solution compares with other approaches is available here.

By integrating with Gravity, any blockchain, such as Suterusu, automatically gets access to the cumulative functionality and user base of the connected ecosystems and adds their own to the mix. With the combination of these different and complementary approaches to building DeFi-focused infrastructures, Suterusu and Gravity enhance the strength of their mutual networks and provide the blockchain industry with a richer portfolio of solutions, moving beyond the fragmentation of our industry.

As the first step of our partnership towards our end goal, Gravity will run a Suter validator node, joining the Suter Alliance to further practical use cases around privacy-preserving DeFi and become a candidate as a validator in Suter trade, the interoperable DEX built on Suterusu’s ZK-ConSNARK technology. Suter trade will augment Gravity’s own blockchain-agnostic value transfer protocol.

At the same time, Suterusu will run a Gravity node. Gravity is an ecosystem that unifies and bridges integrated chains, and this will allow Suterusu to expand its reach. Retrieving oracle data from external data sources and APIs and making them accessible to numerous blockchains is a crucial step allowing Suterusu’s existing and future DeFi apps to be even more accessible on all chains.

“Gravity’s unique approach to token and blockchain-agnostic infrastructure resonates with Suter’s vision to solve privacy-preserving DeFi,” said Dr. Huang Lin, CTO, and founder of Suterusu. “Suterusu’s mission is to allow for privacy-conscious transfers, in places most needed for our industry to grow. Collaborating with interoperability-focused infrastructures enables us to connect the Suterusu ecosystem to an expansive network.

“Suterusu’s intention to enable additional layers of protection is a remarkable one. We feel privacy is a crucial factor for blockchain-based finance to be able to transcend its current limitations. Taking steps towards such agnosticism and common goals, makes us keen to develop innovative solutions together.” Aleksei Pupyshev, Gravity Founder & Protocol Architect, Waves’ chief technology evangelist.

Originally published at on August 21, 2020.




A blockchain-agnostic oracle system that supports communication of blockchains with the outside world, cross-chain communication, and sidechains within a single unified structure.

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Gravity Protocol

Gravity Protocol

Gravity is a blockchain-agnostic cross-chain communication and data oracles protocol.

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