Deploying Laravel application on Google App Engine flexible environment.

Simran Kaur Kahlon
Feb 17, 2019 · 4 min read

I really liked Google App Engine(GAE) as its simple to deploy the application onto it and GCPs user interface is also less chaotic. I hardly had to make any changes in my application to make it compatible with GAE, except it should be cloud ready.

There was one particular issue which I faced while deployment that I have mentioned at the end.

The Prerequisites :

  1. Google Cloud Platform account.
  2. Google Cloud SDK.

So let's get started :

  • Firstly, we create a new project from the GCP console, Click on Select a project -> New Project
  • You need to type in the Project Name(for me its Demo Project) and can keep the Location as default.
  • Now we would be creating a SQL instance, Select SQL from the navigation pane.
  • Select Create instance.
  • Choose a database engine, in my case its MySQL.
  • Make sure that the correct project is selected while creating the engine.
  • We would be creating a 2nd generation MySQL instance.
  • In the next step, specify the Instance ID (demo-instance for me), Root Password, Region (asia-south-1 for me).
  • Once the MySQL engine is created, we can select it and create a new database for our application.
  • Once the database is created, you can use the import functionality to import your schema(MySQL dump file) into your database (testdb in my case).
  • Next, we need to enable the Cloud SQL Admin API for our project, select APIs and Services from the navigation pane, and enable the API.
  • We need to add the app.yaml file into our project, it contains the following details:
  • You can get the cloud_sql_instance id from the overview tab in the instance details.
  • Add the following under scripts in the composer.json

“post-install-cmd”: [
“chmod -R 755 bootstrap\/cache”,
“php artisan cache:clear”

  • We start with the deployment now, we would be using the Cloud SDK for that. Run all the commands from the project folder.
  • We first Login into GCP (Running this command opens a tab on your default browser asking for your account details)as :

gcloud auth login

  • Next, we set our default project (You can get the project id on clicking on the project).

gcloud config set {yourprojectid}

  • We can deploy the project as,

gcloud app deploy

  • It would ask you to specify the region in which you wish to deploy the app.

That’s it, this would deploy your app on GAE.

Issue :

I had specified the Gate rule to implement Authorization in the AuthServiceProvider as :

Since the Providers get called before the connection is made with the database, my deployment failed.

So I had to move the Gate rule to Middleware and call that middleware on the specific routes which needed authorization.

Please get in touch in case of any queries.


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