Volume 1 Issue 7

Grape Ultimate Poker Showdown!

The big Grape poker tournament is underway, and as of the time of writing there are 191 seats left.

There are already Twitter competitions to win a seat at the big table.

These will take place weekly, and the top 5 poker champs will be considered for an OG spot within the Grape community.

Keep an eye on Dean’s Twitter for updates!

Saber AMA

As always, the Grape community is poised to provide an integrated environment in the Solana ecosystem through innovatively building positive working relationships with other projects on Solana. We have seen Grape go as far as hosting several AMAs featuring other powerhouse projects on this beloved chain of ours such as Zeta and Star Atlas, and for educational purposes they brought on @fordudesake last week to say a few things and entertain questions from the community at large about the NFT revolution and his plans for Solana (see the previous issue for more information about this). The team does not plan on stopping anytime soon.

Thanks to the team’s resolve to produce valuable resources for more knowledge, passion, and progress in our community, Whale’s Friend will once again serve as a representative of the Grape community in the AMA with Saber (stableswap on Solana) on July 29, 2021.

You know the drill! A dedicated channel has been created for this purpose, and it serves as an opportunity for those with verified wallets who ask meaningful and engaging questions to get a role upgrade.

So if you have done your research about the project but still have any concerns or questions about Saber, now is the best time to voice them to the Saber team.

Trading Sessions with Future Finance

The market has been a little choppy and volatile this past week. However, members of our $FTR gate have had a constant stream of valuable technical analysis, charts, videos, lessons, and much more. In this week’s live trading session, they went back to basics, covering support and resistance. Members of the $FTR gate also get access to a custom dashboard with exclusive charts.


This week we had three main discussions (amongst others) that lasted quite some time.

First, and most importantly, the Upgrape team is looking to onboard a project manager to manage all the interlinking projects and necessary functions in the Grape server. Dean will be opening up applications soon.

Secondly, there were long discussions on the language channels and the barriers to entry there may be. For instance, some people were keen to learn about other cultures and were interested in exploring language barriers and ways to solve them.

There was also the ongoing, heated discussion about the job-related roles in the Grape server — whether they need restructuring, the benefits and flaws these roles bring to the server, and their usefulness. The main point of discussion was whether or not specific roles add value to the server.

Team Talk Highlights

The public team talks for OGs and verified wallets happens every Friday. Here are highlights of the last team talk:

  • Discussion on how the gates have been, with the future of the FROG gate (if it’ll be removed or left) to be voted on by the DAO.
  • Discussions on building a community that everyone will benefit from, irrespective of what you do.
  • A new gate (Solrise) will be launched. You’ll need 500 SLRS to access the gate.
  • Staked LP tokens work for the gates
  • Grape wants to create a place for its community where they can offer their services to other communities and get paid for it.

Fitness & Wellness Updates

This past week, Grape’s Mental Fitness channel has been extremely active. Everyone around the world is currently experiencing increased stress and uncertainty in their day-to-day lives. So now, more than ever, it is increasingly important to make time for yourself and your mental health.

One of the best things you can do to maintain and improve your mental health is to engage with and participate in a positive community with shared goals and ideals.

The Grape Mental Fitness channel is an incredible resource for information. There are write-ups about brain training, including information on meditation, practicing mindfulness, maintaining a gratitude journal, and many other techniques that are designed to help sharpen your focus and improve your overall mental health.

There is also an abundance of resources and write-ups about the more challenging aspects of mental health such as depression, anxiety, insomnia, and more.


WFtales will continue with episode 59, and the times remain unchanged (Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday).

Keep up to date to be informed about Solana and crypto at large. You can always watch a recap at your leisure. See https://twitch.tv/whalesfriend for more.


The Grape calendar channel remains the perfect fit to keep up with mouth-watering events going on in the Grape server. Remember to always take a look at it during the week and react appropriately to events of your interests.

Tweet Highlights

Here are the tweet highlights from @grapeprotocol, @dean, and @whale’s friend.

Written by: Raymondspeaks, woshvad, Swango, crex

Edited by: Durden, DeanTheMachine




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