Grape’s Technical Roadmap for 2022

Going 100% opensource with 3 new Grape-backed tokens

TLDR; Grape is going 100% open-source and issuing Grape-backed tokens for each tool to handle its own roadmap, governance and treasury management. Each tool will be its own DAO and will organize, prioritize, and incentivize its own growth and operations.

Where are we today?

In May 2021, we announced our mission to develop infrastructure for tokenized communities on Solana. Our core focuses were distribution, allocation, voting, and transparent processes that could all be managed in a decentralized way. Today we have the most active and widely distributed tokenized community on Solana’s Realms, with 299 voting members representing over 6 million GRAPE in active voting. Our Discord represents over 28 million GRAPE through its membership program, giving access to Solana focused events, beta-testing, and discussions for power users on Solana. 95 people have different roles representing their skills and their contributions to the community, and they each receive more GRAPE voting power through MeanFi enabled streams.

The mission has been a success and we’re at the forefront of exploring how tokenized communities will operate in this web3 future

During this development, we’ve also built more tools to further expand the capabilities of these communities.

Grape Access is the premier Discord verification tool, with over 800 communities and 370,000 verified users using the product today.

Grape Dashboard is our solution for tokenized communities to provide a DAO control center to individual users. We’ve developed a composable dashboard experience that has a portfolio view, swaps powered by Jupiter, integrated token streaming with MeanFi, DAO payments that batch transactions and add memos on-chain, governance holdings, proposals from Realms, and Bonfida Nameservice registration.

Realms Integration on Grape Dashboard is a web3 innovation never before seen outside of Solana; a Social, Stateless NFT marketplace. Using composable functions like Cyberconnect’s Social Graph and Solflare’s PFP program, we’re paving the way for a completely community controlled marketplace experience. is also the first and only NFT marketplace that can list and accept offers on NFTs from DAO controlled Treasuries

These 3 tools have helped the Grape community grow and reach its original mission of tokenized community tooling.

It’s time for the next phase, the next mission, in Grape’s evolution — it’s time to go 100% opensource. It’s time for King “Komp” Komposable

Why are we going 100% opensource?

Grape has always been at the forefront of innovation, but for this to continue, we need to work together with the entire ecosystem. By developing this new process for sustained opensource development, we can ensure that Solana continues to innovate at a breakneck pace, allowing everyone to work together for a common vision of a decentralized ecosystem.

Our marketplace code is built on top of Metaplex auction house. If that wasn't opensource we wouldn’t be able to create a new vision for how marketplaces can be community owned. It’s this ethos we want to support, because as Anatoly has said, there is “no way to stop an open source movement”.

No more web2 business models

The Grape token is unique in its distribution and allocation; 60% of the token supply is explicitly allocated by the Grape DAO, and the Grape DAO has spent the last year experimenting with different ways of acknowledging and measuring contributions. This layer creates a meritocratic “Proof of Social Work” that is ideal to build more DAOs on top of; most holders have had to contribute to be part of this network.

Each of these products will have it’s own Grape-backed token used to govern the protocol. When someone adds value to the protocol, the existing holders will vote to allocate voting power to the new contributor, ensuring an everlasting engine of growth and acknowledgement.

Protocols will hold these new tokens to get hosted versions of the different tools, supported by members of the corresponding DAO. Users can choose to support these products also by purchasing the tokens. Each token has its own treasury where royalties from the token sales are held. Those treasuries can be used to issue grants and pay for hardware resources that will be needed to ensure the protocols continue to thrive.

These Grape-backed tokens will be created using Strata’s token bonding protocol. The creation of these tokens will be made in collaboration with the teams we are actively building this network with. All hosted instances of the Grape toolset will require these tokens, and we will announce when the cut-off day will be for existing tool users

Solana’s first open source DAO governed verification suite: The Grape Verification Network

Grape Access Verification Features

A network of decentralized verification nodes offering privacy preserving verification services. Each validator node will need to hold Grape Access tokens. The network will distribute grape rewards based on the contributions to help grow and secure the network

Its our belief that each community should be able to control and calibrate its own verification needs as they see fit, without needing to pay or trust any 3rd parties. With this network, each Discord will be able to set its own removal speed, set its own targeting combinations, and control 100% of the verification process.

Things to look forward to:

Self-hosted verification with admin panel for complete community control

Gating limits set on-chain by the community

Instant role additions and removals

This is being tested in beta. If your community would like to be in the initial tests, please contact us on Discord or Twitter.

Solana’s first DAO governed open source Dashboard: The Grape Dashboard Network

A group of composable modules for community dashboards. Members of this DAO will need to hold Grape Dashboard tokens. Communities using the hosted version of the dashboard will hold tokens to get access to different features. The DAO will vote to prioritize and distribute resources based on development contributions from participating protocols.

Things to look forward to:

  • Social token and DAO creation
  • Voting directly from dashboard
  • Discord events integration
  • Notifications from other programs

This is live and available on Grapes dashboard:

The public repo can be found here:

Solana’s first DAO governed open source NFT Marketplace: The Grape Marketplace Network

A network of communities tasked with verifying collections, setting fees, prioritizing functionality, and aiding in hosted versions of the NFT marketplace. Collections will need to pay tokens to get verified with the different communities handling verification. Members of this DAO will need to hold Grape Marketplace tokens. Communities using the hosted version of the marketplace will also hold these tokens to get access to different features. The DAO will vote to prioritize and distribute grape rewards based on development contributions from participating communities and protocols.

Things to look forward to:

  • Verified Collections
  • Collections Display
  • Expanded Social Features

This is live and available on

The public repo can be found here:

The community version of Grape Marketplace is being tested in partnership with the Solana Sanctuary

There is also the potential for a token that could help curate DAOs on Realms and additions to the Solana token registry through a similar process.

Builders now have a clear path towards sustainable and collaborative building, and we want to extend that to the users! Today, new feature requests and grants presented by Grape Gorilla members will also be rewarded with tokens in each of the toolsets. Once the new token sets are launched, each community will likely continue this program of rewarding visionaries with governance control. We’re excited to see this new phase of composable and collaborative building on Solana!

About Grape Network

Grape Network is a toolset for building token-based communities on Solana. The network’s tools help DAOs and decentralized communities coordinate members, communication, and incentives more effectively. Grape Networks’ community, The Grape (“Great Ape”) Community, is a token-based membership community focused on accelerating the growth and adoption of Solana.




Home to the GRAPE Protocol — Building blocks for tokenized communities

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