Volume 1 Issue 11

Great Apes - prepare for the launch of GRAPE!

NEW Discord Servers with GRAPE Protocol

  • Solarians
  • Degenerate Ape Academy
  • MonkeDAO
  • Aurory
  • SolBears
  • Simps
© Port Finance
© SolanaMBS
© DegenApeAcademy
© DigitalEyes
© Star Atlas
  • The IDO will be based on a Raydium lottery. Each lottery ticket grants you an allocation of 100 USDC, which will be equivalent to 5,000 GRAPE.
  • Participating in the IDO automatically grants you class B membership in Grape’s server.
  • The Grape team will be participating in the AcceleRaytor, and everyone will be on equal terms.
  • 24 hours after the IDO, a GRAPE-USDC fusion pool will be launched.
  • The #solana-alpha channel will be closed to non-class holders.
  • The calendar bot has been launched. It keeps you up to date with events.



Home to the GRAPE Protocol — Building blocks for tokenized communities

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