Solana DAO Updates — April 25

A weekly recap of DAO activities and Tooling on Solana Realms

Mango and UXD at the top of Defi DAOs across all chains

UXD upgrades instructions UI, making it easier than ever for protocols to integrate with Realms

Realms Upgrades NFT Voting to support Unlimited NFTs

Mango creates new stats page for token locking and grant statistics

Grape launches NFT listings for DAOs

Notifi integrates with Realms for SMS alerts on proposals

Degenerate Trash Pandas (The Imperium of Rain) working on Quorum:

The quorum of 33% was not achieved. My recommendation would be to lower it to 3%

This is the first time I'm doing this recap

I was considering adding in notable votes/proposals, but it’s very time consuming and don't want to have any selection bias. Moving forward ill post Realms proposals that are retweeted by Sebastian Bor or tag me explicitly to add them here.

Notably missing are Squads and TribecaDAO. I will add more there as I figure out how to get more statistics and updates.

If you are new to DAOs, please check out my article on Voting Dynamics

If you think there is something missing please let me know either in the comments here or on Twitter.




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