The GRAPE Incubator for NFT Projects

Announcing our partnership with GROMs Club NFT

Photo by Paul Hanaoka on Unsplash

As the Grape Community has matured, we’ve seen tremendous growth in new members and more importantly, community initiatives. In our mission to grow and accelerate the adoption of Solana, we are now expanding our support by helping launch innovative and exciting NFT projects.

Our Incubator Program is focused on providing guided access to our Grape workplace and Grape tools. With these 2 powerful assets, we can provide marketing, design, feedback, community management, and mentorship to projects that are ready for primetime.

Grape will be providing support in exchange for future mint and trading revenues with NFT projects. This allows early startups to gain massive support from the entire Grape community and its workplace without any cost.

The benefit to Grape is a growing treasury funded by successful projects, and the addition of new communities to the Solana ecosystem. It’s as win-win as it gets!

I’m excited and honored to have Adam and Medeebz’s GROMs Club be our first partner

The mythical metaverse can be a dangerous place. It is home to many critters, varmints, brutes, bots and savages. The most curious of these are GROMs. Gnarly Riders Of the Metaverse, as they are known, are adventurers of this vast and often treacherous landscape. Contrary to popular belief, GROMs are not surfers. They are versers, as in metaversers. Equipped with hacked metaboards and a tenacious appetite for exploration they ride the digital waves of tomorrow, ripping through virtual space and time, all the while spreading a rebellious message of hope and positivity.

On their most recent versing safari, Groms set out to explore a wormhole at the edge of the metaverse. This wormhole was particularly precarious. Undulating waves of electric green and fluorescent purple signaled unstable conditions, but the temptation proved to be too strong. You see, GROMs are nothing, if not risk takers. They paddled out into the ocean of spacetime and before they could catch their first wave groms found themselves caught in a relativity riptide! Despite their best efforts, they were sucked through the wormhole. When they came to, they found themselves in another dimension. A strange place called Solana.

Gnarly Riders of the Metaverse

Choosing to partner with GROMs as our first NFT incubator project made sense on several levels and we are confident this will be one of the most important communities in Solana

  • Aligned mission focused on building support for the Solana ecosystem
  • Rockstar team with well-known Solana ecosystem participants involved in other notable projects
  • Innovative membership program for NFT holders
  • Recognizable and unique PFP art (not a copycat)

The incubation and partnership agreement will last for 1 year. The relationship can be revisited and negotiated should the organizations find it mutually beneficial at the end of the term.

Grape will:

  • Setup, maintain and moderate the GROMs discord server for the entirety of the term
  • Provide Grape tooling free of charge for the entirety of the term
  • Market and promote the GROMs mint and future events
  • Support future Solana education and open source development
  • Provide access to the Grape workforce for marketing and promotional materials leading up to the mint. Minimum 3 flyers and 1 video free of charge
  • Facilitate introductions and recommendations to Grape partners and investors when appropriate.

GROMs will

  • Share 7% of gross minting and trading revenue for the entirety of the term for the GROMs NFT
  • Release 1 Grape x GROMs educational video or article per month for the entirety of the term
  • Support and maintain 1 open source development project that is compatible with the Solana platform
  • Hold the requisite amount of Grape or Grape Access recognized LP tokens for 2 Grape DAO members
  • Market and advocate for the Grape Incubator Program
  • Provide mentorship to future Grape Incubated Projects

The Grape Incubator concept has been discussed in the Grape DAO for over a month in preparation for this announcement. All proposals, live calls, and discussions are archived and available to Grape holders.

How can other projects apply for incubation?

If you are interested in applying for the Grape Incubator for NFT Projects, you will need one Grape DAO member to endorse your application. They will then submit the proposal on your behalf.

Proposals should include:

  • A detailed discussion of your NFT project and how it is unique
  • Example artwork
  • Expected mint date

About Grape Network

Grape Network is a toolset for building token-based communities on Solana. The network’s tools help DAOs and decentralized communities coordinate members, communication, and incentives more effectively. Grape Networks’ community, The Grape (“Great Ape”) Community, is a token-based membership community focused on accelerating the growth and adoption of Solana.




Home to the GRAPE Protocol — Building blocks for tokenized communities

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