Volume 1 Issue 10

UPGRAPE Volume 1 Issue 10

— Special piece by KristianDragnel

The Interstellar Alliance (IA) is a Decentralized Autonomous Corporation (DAC) built in the Star Atlas Metaverse. Currently, we are focusing on growing our community and building strategic partnerships with other Solana projects and businesses. Together, we believe we can be one of the foundational pillars inside this brand new metaverse.

© Interstellar Alliance

As the very first Star Atlas DAC, the IA launched with a vision to create an Interstellar Stargate Network (ISN), a highway for the Star Atlas Metaverse. Like the highways and harbors of Earth, the ISN can support ease of transportation, trade, and security for all communities and organizations in the IA and beyond. Through this, and what we refer to as a Metaverse Infrastructure Protocol, we aim to create efficient commerce inside the Metaverse.

The idea for the Metaverse Infrastructure Protocol comes from the real-world Twenty-foot Equivalent Unit (TEU) of cargo capacity used for container ships, container ports, and that has also influenced the size of cargo trucks, roads, highways and much more. Like the TEU did on Earth, the MIP can streamline trading among the stars. While it’s ‘physical’ shape may be different, the MIP is being designed as a series of practices and methods to increase efficiency in the Metaverse.

By cooperating with other projects and communities, we aim to decentralize the ISN and help the entire space flourish with creativity and commercial potential. After all, no matter which world humanity explores, physical or not, people will always need proper infrastructure for their daily activities and commercial pursuits.

© Interstellar Alliance YT

We see partnering with the innovative Grape Community as the first step toward this goal. With Grape technology including their NFT Verification Tool and NFT Grape Network, we can service several ideas for ISN utility and further partnerships currently in development.

The ISN will utilize the NFT Verification Tool and the Grape Protocol technology for selling ISN tickets to traders, tourists, or anyone else wishing to use the transportation system. Like buying a bus, train, or plane ticket, a ticket for the ISN is your key to getting from point A to point B much faster than you could otherwise. Grape technology enables us to establish a Grape Gate in our Discord to act as the ticket verifier.

Finally, I would like to point out that our actions do not represent the Star Atlas team, but do share the same vision as Michael Wagner, their CEO, who hopes to one day see millions or even billions of players and visitors enjoying the Star Atlas Metaverse. In the Interstellar Alliance, we believe that this dream will be impossible without him and many others doing the necessary work behind the scenes. From building the actual Metaverse to doing AMAs and interviews and creating other content, Michael and many others are contributing to the overall growth of this space. We are happy to work with everyone for the future of the Metaverse. Perhaps there will come a day when we will be able to sit down in virtual space and share with each other the stories about our experience riding this galactic wave.

We are also working on several other projects that can’t be disclosed at this moment, but we can assure you that this is just the beginning. If anyone has any questions, our Discord team will happily assist.

Check out our recently released teaser trailer, or learn more about the IA, it’s mission, and goals in our GitBook.

UNQ Club Podcast

UNQ hosted another incredible podcast with special guest Jeremy, an NFT analyst from Delphi Digital. True to their vision, the podcast was a passionate debate about the future of NFT gaming. Some interesting points included discussion on why blockchain technology is required at all for in-game economies and the trading of in-game items. Some great points were raised, and the future is looking bright.

If you would like to find out more about this topic and give your own two cents in our Discord, then have a listen!

Kaiju Cards and Blockchain Gaming

Kaiju Cards is a browser-based RPG, powered by NFT’s built on Solana. It features art from industry professionals and developed by legacy blockchain devs.

© Kaiju Cards

Inspired by the game Neopets and idler RPG’s, they aim to include utilization of our backend to power a standalone auto-battler RPG beyond the browser environment, and collaboration with other DeFi and NFT projects on Solana.

For their upcoming pre-sale on August 19 at 20:00 UTC, BarnDog did a quick run-through of the project in the YT video below.

© Blockchain gaming with BarnDog

As you progress and play, your NFTs literally change and grow. Effectively you own the experience your NFTs/characters gain, they aren’t stuck in the game — they’re yours. This gives players more freedom, and gives communities the power to build their own games and applications that utilize their NFTs.

Kaiju Cards Team

Grape Work Ticket 2 Claimed by Future Finance

Our second work ticket has been claimed by Future Finance. Our workplace team is now hard at work building them a tutorial video for their platform.

Stay tuned for announcements on our next work ticket.

© Grape NFT Marketplace

For now, you can bid on our AMA ticket. Winners of this ticket will be able to redeem it for a live AMA with our good friend Whale’s Friend.

— Dean’s Corner

I’m honored to announce we have received over 200 SOL for our work marketplace, and its only been live for 16 days! This is only possible because we are a united community of talented apes working together. To all the moderators, writers, developers, designers, and videographers — thank you for making this a massive success! In celebration, we are going to grow the team and are looking for more submissions! Share your work in #jungle-work🌴 and you’ll have a chance at joining this super productive community.

NFT Marketplace

Our NFT Marketplace is doing great. Every listing has a bid, and all artwork is original. You can see all the action in our marketplace here. Don’t forget to hook up your Phantom wallet to place a bid here!

© OresthsStab

As you can see, our artists are not only original but really good at what they do too. Don’t forget to visit our NFT Marketplace to see what’s available and up for grabs. Time is running out!

Grape Support for Other Projects

Grape is now helping other crypto projects source moderators and community builders from its community. To be notified about opportunities for this kind of crypto job, click this link and fill up the necessary details on the form.


There have been several discussions in the DAO this week. Most notably we have brought up the idea of Gate Ambassadors. These people will administrate and co-ordinate everything to do with their token’s gate. The community can nominate someone they know and trust to be their ambassador. This idea was brought forth as a way to organise the flow of information, games, and events to make the flow more seamless for both the Grape team and also the token team.

We have also been looking at reviewing more communities on Solana for potential gates. Some have suggested their own preferred communities and tokens. We have definitely seen an uptake in nominations for new additions to the Grape Discord server in the last week. Of course, these will all be subject to the same rigorous qualifying criteria.

There has been a lot of talk about education materials. How can we deliver this to people, and what is the best way to do so to spread awareness as fast and as smoothly as possible? It seems the general consensus is YouTube, and there is still quite a lot of debate over whether we choose a designated channel where all materials are delivered from or let creators do it from their own channels.

Team Talk

The public team talks for OGs and verified wallets continue. Here are the highlights from the most recent team talk:

  • A new role called “researcher” has been created. The role is currently open to more people being added. Those assigned the role will be in charge of vetting Solana projects.
  • The researcher role is a subDAO of the DAO. The DAO will be divided into subDAOs.
  • There are two new gates coming up.
  • There was discussion around having an ambassador for each gate. They would facilitate communication between the gate and the server.
  • Support for the Solflare wallet will be added.

Tweet Highlights:

Written by: Raymondspeaks, woshvad, Swango, KristianDragnel

Edited by: Durden, DeanTheMachine



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