Volume 1 Issue 4

UPGRAPE Volume 1 Issue 4

We have gathered exciting news the past week just for you!

Star Atlas x Grape AMA

A successful AMA with Star Atlas’s CEO and Co-founder, Michael Wagner, was hosted by Whale’s Friend in the Grape discord stages which was attended by more than 200 eager Grapes. Aside from offering a unique gaming experience through a combination of traditional core game mechanics and blockchain-integrated technology, Star Atlas’s features and plans were also discussed. Further details of the collaboration were discussed in the recap below.


NFT Submission for Star Atlas Holders

This week there have been many NFT content submissions for the Grape ecosystem and Star Atlas holders. We have finally picked a winner. There were many epic submissions, and choosing a winner wasn’t easy. Winning with this awesome creation is Pst!


Two versions of the NFT will be airdropped: a standard version and a premium version.

All members of the Atlassian Cantina in our Discord will receive the standard NFT. The premium Star Atlas x Grape NFT will be awarded to the person who owns the most Star Atlas NFTs!

Because we received so many incredible entries to the competition, we will be releasing some of them in our upcoming NFT store!

Upcoming Grape Gate Access!

As the Grape family grow bigger, we are happy to announce new gate access for projects we have been eyeing to collaborate with!


New Additions to the Solana Ecosystem

Each week Solana onboards new and exciting projects. Thanks to the hard work of our community, we are always adding new communities to our ecosystem communities channel in the hopes of one day working with them.

So far the new additions to the channel are:

  • Particle Finance — comprehensive yield farming ecosystem
  • Larix — lending gateway
  • Solyard Finance — yield farming aggregator optimizer
  • Solanax — decentralized and non-custodial automated liquidity mechanism
  • Solarity — self-sustainable user-aggregator experiences-provider metanetwork
  • Fabric — tokenised synthetic assets using SPL Synthetics, swaps and verifiable oracles
  • MoonLana — Meme Token. Tipbots, NFTs, a Dex And More.

Grape’s biggest gaming tournament so far! Call of Duty: Warzone

After seeing the incredible support and hype for the World Series of Warzone COD event, we have decided to host our very own Call of Duty: Warzone tournament.

It is going to be our biggest gaming event to date!

There is space for 150 players, which is 50 teams of 3. We will be giving away 15 guaranteed OG spots.

The winning team will receive bonus $GRAPE for pwning everyone!

Grape x $FROG CS:GO Tournament

The team over at @frogsolana continues to put out incredible tournaments in collaboration with us here at Grape. Having just completed the first Grape x Frog CS:GO tournament.

We are extremely grateful to have the continued support and sponsorship for these events from @frogsolana.

Congratulations to the winners!

Grape Fitness & Wellness

The Grape community fitness & wellness channel has been going extremely well. We are fortunate enough in this community to have members who not only possess a wide range of knowledge and abilities but are also willing to share them.

The channel is open to anyone within the Grape community, regardless of your experience and fitness level.

In addition to the scheduled programs, community members also regularly share their personal workout routines, diet tips, and personal fitness philosophies.

Regardless of your goals, whether they be to relax and take a break from your crazy day or if you have been couped up inside for too long and need to lose (or gain!) a few extra pounds, there will be something for you!

So come and check out one of the delicious recipes posted by our fitness savvy members. Or join one of our scheduled classes and get a social fix at the same time!

— Full-body workout

  • A full-body workout is the most efficient way to burn calories and gain strength due to the variety of movements and exercises that are integrated into each session. They are an efficient way to keep your body burning fat for hours! Additionally, your cardiovascular endurance will increase as a result of your heart rate being elevated for a sustained amount of time.

— 10 Minute Ab Workout

  • Blast your core and abdominal muscles with this quick workout. Don’t be fooled by the short length though; based on the comments in our Discord, you will be feeling it the next day!

— 7 Day Movement Challenge

  • Have you been putting off working-out for a while and not sure where to start? This challenge requires no equipment and is designed to get your body moving in a sustainable and gradual way.

— Yoga

  • Take some time to get back in touch with your sense of self and your body with these yoga exercises and breathing techniques.

— Meditation

  • Quiet your internal noise, recalibrate, and switch off as you listen to one of the guided meditations lovingly curated by our community members.

Grape DAO

There has been a range of discussions in the Grape DAO, some of which have ended up in action being taken. For instance, we now have a team talk channel.

Right now, we are voting on the tokens which we would like to see our product integrations within the Solana ecosystem and the gated access behind it. Currently, COPE is a clear leader for obvious reasons, and we have been discussing how many COPE one should hold to have access to that channel.

There have been various other discussions which have resulted in action — such as users getting their own gated community to work behind. We now have a fitness community as well as a legal support channel from a registered and practicing lawyer.

Team Talk Highlights

The public team talks for OGs and verified wallets continues. Here are highlights of the last team talk:

  • Previous AMA was spoken about and the next AMA with Parrot. A gate for parrot might be launched as the DAO is voting for Parrot.
  • Gate will be getting a new update as LP holders will be able to access it without unstaking. Congrats to Grape for achieving this!
  • COPE, SOL, FTR, BOP and Parrot are the top 5 in the gate’s vote.
  • Grape will be working with FTR to build a trading channel.
  • Grape NFT marketplace has been built.
  • Videographer roles are open.
  • There are plans on events where you have to hold GRAPE to play or pay GRAPE to play, exploring the power of gate access.
  • The idea of the initial tokenomics is to give 2 million coins to the initial community.
  • Gate access will be able to support Ledger wallet.
  • $GRAPE will be used as a currency to bid on Grape’s NFT marketplace.
  • Things like the dollar value of the token rather than the number of tokens are being considered for retaining OG.

Tweet Highlights

Written by: Swango, Raymondspeaks, woshvad, bipkoyn

Edited by: Durden, DeanTheMachine



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