Volume 1 Issue 5

UPGRAPE Volume 1 Issue 5

Bringing in promising projects for the community, we are proud to have Future Finance and Parrot Protocol over!


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Aimed to provide future, fixed rate and swap contracts tokenized using Solana’s DEX serum order books, FTR aims to disrupt the funding, farming, and yield markets with their risk management vision.


Live trading sessions with the FTR team was done in the FTR gated channel in the Grape discord. For 30 $FTR tokens, you can access alpha FTR exclusive channel through the gate access from the #welcome channel. You can look into this recap of the recent live trading session.


We have also opened the gate access for the Solana’s resident party bird! The Parrot Protocol aims to make value locked in DeFi systems accessible through these 3 use cases:

  • A margin trading Virtual Automated Market Maker (vAMM)
  • Non-custodial lending market
  • Stablecoin known as $PAI

Parrot recently just launched pBTC, Parrot’s synthetic BTC. This is the first synthetic asset live on the Solana’s mainnet. Collateral ratio 400%, Liquidation ratio 125%, Per user debt limit is 0.0005 pBTC. These risk parameters will be relaxed soon.

You can join the party with 50 $PAI tokens and get access to the Parrot Protocol channel by getting verified through our #welcome channel.

Look ahead this week: July 12–19

July 15th: Whale’s Friend AMA with Fordudesake, creator of Pixel Dudes (18:30 UTC)



July 16th: 1st. $GRAPE x $FROG Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Tournament (14:00 UTC)

Grape DAO

The Grape DAO has been busy this week (as it always is). We have covered a lot of topics, ranging from distribution to tokenomics. Whilst there has been no voting yet on any specific proposals it is important to note that these topics were discussed:

  • A fairer role reward system. Rewarding users for effort, rather than just showing up to make bank.
  • APR tiers depending on Discord role & contribution to the community
  • Incentives for proactive community members and penalties for abusers
  • Tokenomics
  • Staking

There were many other topics discussed but I feel these were the main points that attracted the most attention.

NFT Marketplace

Thanks to the hard work of a few amazing individuals Grape is now able to bring you the NFT Marketplace

Here, you can connect your Phantom wallet and bid on your favourite NFTs created by our amazing community.

This is a work in progress and we will keep you up to date every week with how development is going. Expect some amazing designs here.

Team Talk Highlights

The public team talks for OGs and verified wallets continue.

Here are the highlights of the most recent team talk:

  • Two gates will be added next week. The gates were voted for by the DAO, they include a Solana and COPE gate.
  • Grape token will launch after funding has been finalized.
  • OG membership can be bought with 1000 grape with an increment of 1% monthly.
  • There will be a liquidity pool provision to earn more Grape.
  • Grape plans on being available on every DEX.

Solana Ecosystem

In the Grape discord we like to highlight new projects in our wider community and create a hub of sorts. Like a signposting system. So far we have links to these other projects:

Cope, Step, Raydium Protocol, Project Serum, Star Atlas, Synthetify, Jet Protocol, Solana Sail, Mango Markets, Syrup, Dexlab, Media Network, Polarity, Network, RunNode, Zeta, Hedgehog markets, SolFarm, Orca, Phantom, Oxygen, Frog, Boring Protocol, SAMO, Solape, Mercurial Finance, Solarians, SolLotto, MetaSol, ApeXit, Burnt Finance, Goose Fx, Soteria, Pyth Data, Cheems, FTR, Solrise Finance, Saber, Parrot Finance, $Kekw Coin, Metaplex, Symmetry, Sonar, Switchboard.xyz, Cryptocurrencies.ai, DeFi Land, Kermit Pavyon, Solhack, Bonfida, Cyclos Official, Apollo Dao, Steaking, Sattelite Alpha, Bubl, All Art Protocol, Wum.bo, Francium Protocol, Everlend Finance, Open Era, SolTricks, Solanax, Solend, StreamFlow Finance, Aurory Project, Divvy, Moet Finance, SolanaMonkeyBusiness, Cryptokickers, SolDate Official, Scallop, Degenerate Ape Academy, Particle Finance, Coinmeca, Sypool Protocol, HIRO, Twirl DAO, Port Finance, CropperFinance, Squads, Ninja Protocol, Solanimals, Split, GenesysGo, SpiderSwap, LIQ Protocol

As we grow and become more aware of the Solana ecosystem we will further add new and exciting projects to this channel.

Grape Tweet Highlights

The Grape official Twitter username was changed from @solanagrape to @grapeprotocol.

Here’s a collection of Tweets from @grapeprotocol , @dean and @whale’s friend. The Tweets contain information on the launch of new gates, Grape’s new NFT marketplace, fitness and wellness, Whale’s Tales and the new Grape pitch deck.

Written by: Raymondspeaks, woshvad, bipkoyn

Edited by: Swango, DeanTheMachine



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