Volume 1 Issue 6

UPGRAPE Volume 1 Issue 6

Grape x COPE Simulation!

A prime addition to the Grape community, and probably one of the most anticipated collaborations, the notorious COPE gang is now part of the family! Culminating the recent release of the COPE Showdown — the first crypto-tokenized 2D retro pixel art game with fully integrated support of the Solana-Wallet — exclusive access to future applications of COPE are now extended to our Grapes! To make sure, the Grapes stay on top of their game, we would hint to you, that the development of the Showdown:Multiplayer Upgrade is already in development!!

© DeanTheMachine

Verified wallets in the space should hold at least 200 COPE to gain access to the COPE dedicated channel in Grape discord.

Whale’s Friend Pixel Dude Stream

Whale’s Friend has had another incredible stream with Solana’s resident Squidman @fordudesake. The Squid, a.k.a. The Dude, hails from the Rings of Saturn. Little else is known about The Dude so far, other than that he has been producing some incredible, custom Pixel Dude avatars for people within the Solana community, so far up to almost 250 done already!

© Whale’s Friend

If you want your very own Pixel Dude, there are a few ways to get one. You can add your name to the ever-growing list of people for a free Pixel Dude, but there is no guarantee of getting one as they are in high demand. Otherwise, you can bid on a commission ticket on his Metaplex store. Winners of a commission ticket can redeem it with The Dude for a custom, one-of-a-kind Pixel Dude avatar. This does not guarantee that it will be minted as an NFT though.

Of these custom Pixel Dudes, 69 will be minted as NFTs, with 3 NFTs made for each of the 69 characters. So far, he is up to number 28 with numbers 26, 27 and 28 being up for auction right now. The remaining NFTs will be chosen randomly from the available Pixel Dudes or you can pay 69 SOL to guarantee your Pixel Dude is made into a playable NFT.

The dude shared with us some more details about the game that he is currently making. What we know so far is that he will be creating a video game that will be a cross between the older Super Nintendo Zelda style games and the original World of Warcraft, with PVE and PVP elements.

For anyone fortunate enough to win one of his incredible NFT cards from his store at https://squidstuff.com, you will be able to use that character in-game. For each Pixel Dude there will be three cards sold at auction. The number one cards will have the best in-game stats, with the second and third cards having slightly lower stats accordingly.

There will be a base character with a base set of stats which can be accessed and played by anyone.

Keep an eye out on The Dude’s twitter for more updates and releases!


We have been hard at work in the Grape DAO as always. In the past week we have had several discussions over different topics relating to the direction of Grape. Some of the important discussions we had are highlighted below.

We discussed at length who should have access to the DAO, who can read it, and what the barriers to entry there would be.

This brought on further discussion about new joiners that want to know more about Grape and what we do as a community landing in Discord for the first time. What should they be able to see? What access will they have? And more importantly who can interact with them?

Other topics that were discussed were the verification process and what access we should give to people with an unverified wallet, the idea being that verifying with us is central to what we do here.

There were many other topics discussed, but those were the main points we discussed this week.

Team Talk Highlights

The public team talks for OGs and verified wallets happens every Friday. Here are the highlights of the last team talk:

Grape Partner Project Updates

FTR Finance

FTR Finance has created a digital trading club behind the curtains on the grape server. If you own FTR Finance’s native coin, $FTR and have a verified wallet on the Grape Discord, you will have automatic access to this, where you can learn about trading! If you own 30 or more $FTR, then you have access to this gate.

© Future Finance

Parrot Protocol

In similar fashion, if you own 50 or more $PAI, you will get access to our Parrot Protocol gate where flash mini-games will be held regularly. Larger game events will be announced there too. Recently, they did IDO slot raffles for the $PAI holders in the #parrotdise channel in the Grape discord using SolLotto’s raffle scheme. So get stacking those 50 $PAI and come and dance with us.

Star Atlas

Star Atlas is in the midst of their meta-poster series sale. If you are behind our Star Atlas gate, make sure you don’t miss out on their Rebirth event. If you were late to the show, you can buy them on their very own DEX here. Purchasing one of these meta-posters will also include in-game rewards at a later date.


We have hosted our first Mobile Legends: Bang Bang event. We had a great turnout with the top 5 teams receiving some major $FROG bags!

© Grape

In other news, the Frog team has just completed a massive burn of 1.5 billion $FROG!

MEDIA Network

Censorship-resistant TLDs are live on Media Network. Read more about it here.

Samoyed Coin

Staking of SAMO-RAY Fusion Pool LP tokens became available on Solfarmio, the first Solana yield aggregator platform that features auto-compounding.


Fitness + Wellness Update

Our Fitness & Wellness channel continues to thrive with the launch of our new mental fitness channel. If you’re looking for some great tips on how to wind down or how to train your mind, our community will have something for you. Come say hello!

Weekly Schedule:

Tweet Highlights

Here are the tweet highlights from @grapeprotocol, @dean, and @whale’s friend. The tweets contain the launches of new gates, an AMA with @fordudesake, whale’s tales, and whale’s friend’s birthday. Happy birthday to whale’s friend!

Written by: Raymondspeaks, woshvad, bipkoyn, Swango

Edited by: Durden, DeanTheMachine



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