Volume 1 Issue 8

UPGRAPE Volume 1 Issue 8

The Grape team is proud to announce its collaboration with Solrise and launch the new Solrise-Savanna! This channel will be the first destination for all alpha related to the $SLRS token and the Solrise funding platform. Gate entrance is currently set at 500 SLRS and LP tokens are supported too!

Solrise came into the limelight during its Dawn event — a trading competition that saw massive participation and rewarded SLRS tokens to the first 5,000 qualifying participants at the end of the competition.

© Grape Protocol

Saber x Grape AMA

We had an Amazing AMA with Saber and Whale’s Friend this week. Saber, formerly known as Stable Swap, is the premier site for swapping pegged assets on Solana —analogous to what Curve does for Ethereum. For the interview, Whale’s Friend had on Ian Macalinao — one of the project’s three members.

© Whale’s Friend

Ian recounts the story of DeFi, how he and his brother came up with the name, and the collection of all-star angels and VCs collection Saber’s has put together. He also discusses audits, LP, the SBR token, and fees on the platform.

Stablecoins are the lifeblood of DeFi, and Solana is where DeFi is scaling to millions of users if not more. Tune into this episode for a glimpse into the future of finance. And enjoy!

Now Streaming: GRAPE x UNQ Podcast!

The first collaborative NFT podcast was hosted by Grape and UNQ the other day with Alex from UNQ and Dean and Whale’s Friend from Grape. This will be a reoccurring podcast focused on the discussion around NFTs in the general crypto space and Solana-specific NFTs.

© UNQClub

The idea is to try and bring in guests with opposing opinions about a core subject. By doing this, we hope to promote and foster healthy, constructive debate between people that have a lot of experience in their respective fields. In addition, we aim to bridge the gap between those who have a more traditional background in investing, trading, and collectables and those who are well-versed in the world of NFTs.

In this week’s podcast, there were a number of interesting topics discussed at length. Of note is a discussion about the metaverse and the recent interest that Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook have shown in potentially creating what they call a ‘metaverse company’.

Additionally, we talked about the recent surge in celebrity NFTs and whether or not they fit the original ethos of NFTs and decentralization.

If you would like to listen to more conversations such as these and even participate, be sure to keep an eye on our calendar on Discord and our Twitter.


Calling all teams on Solana!

Does your project require promotional materials? Video tutorials? Newsletter content? Of course it does!

Did you know there’s a community of Great Apes already delivering top-shelf products to builders in the ecosystem?

It’s called GrapeWork. A module for building gig marketplaces. You can read more into it from the Grape founder DeanTheMachine’s medium article here.

© DeanTheMachine

A gig is then represented by a ticket auctioned at Grape storefront over at Metaplex. Dev teams, place your first bid here. And follow Grape, to pounce on the next work ticket right as it comes out.

Who wouldn’t want crowdsourced premium content like this?

© Grape Protocol YT Channel

Through its YouTube channel, Grape has provided the community with easy tips for beginners to familiarize themselves with how to verify accounts using preferred wallets such as Phantom and catch up on events such as AMAs with the teams of other projects on Solana.

There is other content as well, for example how to create a Solana wallet, Whale’s Friend Tales, and so much more!

Subscribe to the YouTube channel using the link here and remember to click the bell icon in order to receive notifications once a video is about to go live.

What's happening this week: August 2nd-August 8th

Poker and Events Update

Over the weekend, we hosted our Grape Poker Tournament qualifiers.

© Grape Protocol

Congratulations to Lazarillo, DimasGembil, Vajrus, and Situ, who have all won a seat at the big game!

We will continue to host more qualifiers so be sure to follow and keep an eye on Dean’s Twitter for more details and announcements!

Salient Points from the Grape Team Talk

The public team talks for OGs and verified wallets happens every Friday. Here are the highlights from the last team talk:

  • Grape calendar bot, which alerts you about Events on Grape straight to Google Calendar
  • Upcoming AMA with DeFi Land
  • GrapeWork and the opportunities it opens for community members

❤ Discord Server Update! ❤

As always, Grape provides creative and innovative ways to relate with our everyday life through its list of useful and interesting channels.

In line with this, the team has decided to open a new dating channel where all members (including verified) can come in to share thoughts, engage in discussions, and find help regarding ways to fortify one’s relationships.

© Grape Protocol

So head over to our Discord community to enjoy the perks that come with identifying as a grape.

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Written by: rionorca, woshvad, Swango, crex

Edited by: Durden, DeanTheMachine



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