Volume 1 Issue 9

We keep building!

We know everyone is on their toes, with eyes peeled, anticipating the volatility in the recent weeks. Nonetheless, Grape keeps building even if trends shift and biases flip. We have exciting developments for everyone!

Grape Adds LP Support for Token Gates

© DeanTheMachine

By enabling LP support for token gates within the Grape community, we are able to unlock all of the combined liquidity that the community holds, allowing Grape to fully utilize the power of its community and setting the groundwork for Grape to do even greater things in the future. This feature has not yet been implemented on Ethereum, yet it is already here on Solana!

Grape Gate Integration for Solflare Wallet

Risen from hibernation, Solflare makes a grand comeback with new UI improvements and functions!

© Solflare

Aside from the UI overhaul, which is pretty sick by the way, staking your SOL is now made easier where you can choose from a list of validators through the wallet extension available for browsers.

Solflare also added the first fully-featured NFT wallet that supports audio and video playback on Solana. On top of that, swapping through Serum is made convenient through the wallet app. The mobile app is in the works too so watch for more developments!

DeFiLand AMA

We had a blast doing this AMA with Solana Season Hackathon’s second place winner for the Defi track, DeFiLand.

© Whale’s Friend

Defi Land aims to be the first protocol to gamify multi-chain Defi using an agricultural-simulation game supported by big sponsors and investors. Also, DeFi Land has been dropping recent progress of the game well within roadmap and will soon shift to beta-testing phase.

Solana Labs AMA

Last Monday (August 8) we had Kuleen Nimkar, a business developer from Solana Labs, in our Discord to host an AMA. This was an opportunity to learn more about the Solana chain from Kuleen himself.

© Whale’s Friend

Keep an eye out for our upcoming AMAs. You don’t really want to miss out on this prime time questioning where you can ask any of your burning questions to some of the top people in the Solana ecosystem.

Grape Poker Showdown Results

A massive Solana poker tournament was hosted by Grape. Thirteen (13) tokens and NFTs were paid out to the top 10 winners. With 200 supporters from different projects, each participating project was given an allocation out of the 200 seats for their community to participate. 1st place received $600 and a fordudesake commission ticket, 2nd place received $400 and a Solarian NFT, 3rd place received $300 and a DegenApe, and 4th-10th received cash prizes.

Grape had a practice tournament where winners were awarded seats at the table and community members were selected for participation by a raffle powered by SolLotto.

The event took place on August 7 at 6PM UTC. The event was won by a member of the Grape community with Discord ID situ#4467.


There has been lots of discussion in the DAO this week. We are considering issuing more work tickets that can be redeemed for work by the community’s swathe of hard-working professionals. The discussion has been centred on the choice between tickets for specific or general work. A general ticket would be redeemable for any type of work that the Grape Discord has to offer.

The idea for our DAO going forward is that there will be representatives from every language and every country. We think that this will promote great discussion and cover all angles from different perspectives and cultures to reach a tight community consensus.

We are also debating whether or not to open the DAO to voice communication to encourage deeper and more engaging communication. Whilst debating asynchronously has proven helpful, it would be much easier if our DAO members were at times on voice and engaging “in the moment”.

We have decided that new Solana projects will be added to our directory every week on Friday during our public talks. People that put forth projects can justify their reasons as to why they think they would be a good addition.

It has also been suggested that we have an NFT gate. However, we are still in discussion over this and have yet to come to a shared conclusion.

The Grape team is also considering raising the barrier to onboarding new projects. Mainly through the idea that we would like to promote the best and the brightest, which is commensurate with our own goals. We are currently in discussion whether this is a good idea or not, and what barriers to entry should be put in place.

This week’s schedule of activities

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Written by: Raymondspeaks, woshvad, Swango, bipkoyn

Edited by: Durden, DeanTheMachine



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