What are the Factors Affecting Students’ Academic Performance?

Achieving outstanding performance and enhancing academic potential is not a duck soup. Students have to work hard and pay attention towards their activities when they want to get a good pace in their educational life. Constantly thinking over something makes weak and less prone to your studies. Thus, you have to consider all the essential factors before starting your preparation for any exam or assignment. Being the part of a UK university, you can opt for assignment help UK services to manage your academic tasks flawlessly and build great academic potential.

For getting an effective approach towards your academics, pay attention to all factors affecting your performance. These factors could be active learning, demographics, student attendance, extracurricular activities, course assessment, and peers influence. Let’s discuss the correlation between students’ characteristics and their academic performance.

Students’ attributes and academic performance

First, we need to think about the key elements that foster academic success among scholars and also consider individual attributes for any failure. According to studies, qualities promoting success among students are psychological requirements, social abilities, self-efficacy, attitudes and behavior, motivation, academic competency, collaboration, communication skills, and team proficiencies. If students have these skills, they can work efficiently with others and managed their studies effectively. Some factors such as motivation, academic competence, students’ attitudes, and behavior, time management, and engagement in class activities affect an individuals’ academic performance.

· Academic competency: Academic competence is directly connected with scholars’ ability to tackle their study burden to reap better outcomes. Those students who have better academic competence would probably grab better academic performance. For more clarification, divide academic competence into two segment academic skills and academic enablers.

Student’s approaches toward the study

Poor academics could be the result of low self-esteem, poor academic self-concept, and a negative attitude toward the study. Your attitude towards study also influences your academic performance up to a great extent. Understand this approach into two segments

· Engagement in learning: The level of participation and intrinsic interest defines student engagement in any activities either in class or outside college premises. Students’ effort, attention, motivation, positive learning, interest, persistence, and pride in success all are responsible for their engagement and affect their learning capabilities.

· Attendance in class: Students’ class attendance forms a positive bond with their academic performance. Presence in class highly affects students’ grades which ultimately lowers their academic performance.

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