Things to be grateful for #11

This was written from Deko Boko in Melbourne. It’s the first time I’ve doubled up on venues so 🖕🏼

Total Solar Eclipse: To be honest I’m pretty sick of hearing about eclipses. They’re like International Days of things. Every day there’s something new I’m supposed to know about and appreciate how special it is. Partial eclipses, red moons, International Day of Pets, International Day of Ferrero Rochers blah blah blah. Just curate that shit. There’s about 5 things that matter every year and now thanks to the media I have no idea what they are.

So naturally I largely ignored the news stories of slack-jawed yokels slacking their jaws and looking up to the skies and clapping the moon for some reason, I’m better off without it. Until I saw this video…which was pretty good. It’s actually a pretty good event and I’m grateful for it. Try to ignore the overexcited blowhard narrating the video.

Thanks for discovering the zoom function on your camera, 96% of the way through!