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Visit the YouTube playlist for recent Achievement Coaching broadcasts, events, webinars, podcasts, and audio programming.

What is GREAT FUTURE NOW Coaching and Achievement Coaching?

Like a top athlete, a power CEO, or a world-class performer, you can also hire a Coach as a confidant and collaborative partner to observe, assess, and critique your performance ensuring your ongoing peak-performance and ever-greater accomplishment and results! When you lose your sense of clarity, focus, or direction, your coach creates accountability with you, guides your discovery process, and provides strategic consultation to chart your course and make plans for a successful journey―or even an adventure.

Achievement Coaching provides breakthrough insights, strategies, and tactics for mastery over your challenges and making the difference for your performance and achievement. Your BEING-ness and how you RELATE to yourself and the world make a profound difference in your fulfillment and effectiveness. GREAT FUTURE NOW Coaching provides a panoramic view for your empowerment, performance excellence, and achievement. Being “coachable” with your coach overrides your mind-body’s automated short-sighted perceptions and instincts―and then transcends the limitations of your learned points-of-view and pre-conditioned behaviors.

You are not designed or programmed to be extraordinary. By default, you fly-solo through life on automatic-pilot allowing “good enough” to disempower you and undermine you from living your greatness. An otherwise Great Life, being Authentic and living Self-determined, is short-circuited by your brain, body-chemistry, and the culture of our society. Yet, you are capable of many amazing accomplishments, breakthroughs in shifting how life occurs for you, and transforming your lifestyle―as well as, deep lasting happiness. When you take-on GREAT FUTURE NOW Coaching, you give up “living for survival” so that you PLAY BIG and LIVE GREAT with PURPOSE.

In companies, organizations, and communities, when transformative GREAT FUTURE NOW Coaching is employed within teams and businesses, we enhance the quality of life in our World and influence social values for the better. When leaders adopt a GREAT FUTURE NOW Coaching program for employees and/or teams, leaders champion transformative change in the world and everyone exceeds commonplace results.

About Your Host, Achievement Coach Greg Kilgore

With 30 years of experience and insights, Achievement Coach Greg Kilgore (GREAT FUTURE NOW Coaching and The Challenge Call) provides seasoned, enlightened, real-world coaching for achieving your great Career, Life, Love, and Purpose. Greg’s coaching is no less than a grand-unified synthesis of wisdom and enlightened pragmatism from the likes of inspirational teachers Wayne Dyer, Gangaji, Eckhart Tolle, and Alan Watts, business innovators and leaders Jim Collins, Tom Peters and Peter Drucker, love relationship experts Harville Hendrix and Leo Buscaglia, to the programs of Landmark Worldwide education, Business Network International, Association for Talent Development, and International Society for Performance Improvement.

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