Introduction to GREAT FUTURE NOW Coaching

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Welcome to the GREAT FUTURE NOW Coaching, brandsite and blog for Your Great Life, Love & Purpose―Now, here at

(In 2017, 360° Achievement Coaching transformed into GREAT FUTURE NOW Coaching. As an expression of this transformation, Insights for a GREAT FUTURE NOW, the blog is also launched.)

What is GREAT FUTURE NOW Coaching

GREAT FUTURE NOW Coaching is a radical breakthrough choice when you choose to: Achieve… Your Great Future… NOW.

Whether you are interested in enhancing your performance in career, personal relationships, or adventures in life, your Future is no longer “out there ahead of you” or waiting for you somewhere later, down the line. GREAT FUTURE NOW Coaching is Your Future unfolding while you are absolutely present to it right here, right now. The Future is not something you are waiting for anymore. You are embracing Your Great Future Now, living and creating always, now.

Why do you want Your GREAT FUTURE NOW?

What if this moment *is* My Life, and how I *experience living* right now is an essence, spirit and energy that resonates to attract similarly-resonating possibilities and from which my future is being created, formatted and expressed?

This is the first- and highest-priority, always-relevant, always-now, prevalent inquiry, discovery and practice in this ever-present moment in which you are living Your Great Future Now.

How do you practice living for Your GREAT FUTURE NOW?

As awareness, I am always attenuating unpleasant experience and fine-tuning my state-of-mind and emotional state so that I feel good and true to myself (i.e., authentic).

When you feel good and true to yourself
• You are an expression of your authentic Self. 
• Your communication and actions are aligned with your values. 
• You are open to all that is possible. 
• You are accepting of your greatest-yet whatevers―however and whenever.
• You are always ready for what is great for you. 
• You are attractive with ease. 
• You attract with ease your desired, great future. 
• You are graceful. 
• You are grateful. 
• You are gracious.

That “Now is My Great Future” can be your most profound belief and your on-going practice in your ever-present now-moment.

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