The Truest Way to Stay the Course

What Does It Really Take to Maintain Self-discipline, Do What’s Good for You, and Not Give Up Trying?

Achievement Coach Greg Kilgore talks about staying your course when you take-on changing your lifestyle to prepare for a healthy pregnancy In a recent interview (on YouTube) with Lucy del Campo, MSHN, Holistic Nutrition Consultant. Be sure to check-out Lucy’s blog article, NUTRIENT INFUSION PROGRAM BEFORE PREGNANCY (First of a three part series: Nutrient Stores, Detoxification, and Stress Management).

Words that don’t belong in a conversation about “going for” what you want

First of all, let’s drop words I don’t like and have no place in a conversation about “staying the course,” going for your dreams, or achieving your goals.


Sounds like work, or worse, punitive enforcement of behavior. I don’t like it. Lose it.

“good for you”

Sounds like an arbitrary prescription that should make anyone happy; it’s a fallacy. Dropped.

“not give up”

First of all, it’s a double-negative that doesn’t work to inspire or motivate anyone. Then also, why would you brush-stroke “not doing” something with a really negative way of talking about it? “Give up.” Lose it.


You’ve probably heard this bumper-sticker wisdom before, but I kinda buy it: There is no trying, there is doing or not doing. Dropped.

What can I do to stay the course?

I know the colloquial expression is “stay the course.” Yet let’s be clear here, what we want for you is for you to “stay YOUR course.” So then let’s get down to how to be true to yourself so that you stay your course, follow-through on your plan, and plainly do what you say you’re going to do.

You may face challenges, but you can take steps to fuel your passion and stay inspired

Consider these exercises and practices for ensuring the accomplishment of your goals:

Get to know yourself

Get to know yourself. Hire a coach. Get into a collaborative partnership to look past the outer version of you, and take a deep dive inside what you are really all about. Get real with yourself, and with a trustworthy confidant, about what you say you’re going to do and then what you really do or don’t do and why you don’t do what you say you’re going to do when you don’t do it.

Identify your values

Identify your values. Write them down. Believe it or not, we forget about the very values to which we say we are committed. We lose sight of what’s most important in our lives all the time. Know that you can refer to your values in your own handwriting to remind you why you are taking-on moving in the direction for which you’ve charted your course.

Your values become like anchors preventing you from going adrift, or perhaps more like buoys that guide you along your voyage. You know that you’ve identified a value that is true and authentic for you when, as you say it to yourself or you share about it with others, you are inspired and your passion ignites anew.


Believe in your aspirations. Belief, not meaning here a one-off way you think about something, rather the phenomenon of believing, can sometimes be considered a vague or esoteric metaphysical or even paranormal notion. I assert that giving your attention to the likelihood of what’s possible is an energetic act on your part. Whether or not you believe there is a significant-enough amount of energy generated to impact the world at large as your thoughts form and the neurons of your brain get charged-up is up to you. I further assert that giving your attention to the likelihood of what’s possible, believing, is the first energetic act in a series energetic acts that ripple out into the world and create the reality we call our world.

A “tongue-in-cheek” shout-out to BELIEVING!

Personally, I think consciously about my words and thoughts. I understand what I say to myself and what I say out loud occurs for me as my experience and shapes my reality. I give myself the grace of responsibility for authoring my words and thoughts. I give myself the grace of responsibility for the impact my words and thoughts have for my life and for the lives of others who hear me.

Fall in love with your future

Fall in love with your future. Open yourself to how it will feel and look to have that for what you are reaching. Imagine fully what your realized dream or goal can be like for you, for others around you, in the world, for real.

Here’s the thing about True Love though: Don’t get stuck on how it is actually going to go or how it will actually turn out to be. Some might say, don’t be attached to the results. True Love includes not only being endeared to what you love, but also unconditionally accepting how it really looks, smells, tastes, and feels when you’re in the act of loving in the present moment. Love the future, but let it be how it’s gonna be without getting hung-up on how it manifests for you.

Fall in love with your future

One example I love to share here is the possibility of “loving your child before it is conceived.” Let’s say that you’re planning a family, and you intend to become pregnant. What if you imagine a healthy, beautiful child in your future. If you are truly in touch with the magnificence of the possibility, your whole world now becomes about: How do I get healthy before I am pregnant so that my baby will have the best chance to thrive in utero? What sort of financial planning should we do to ensure we will have a lifestyle that gives us the family life we desire? Falling in love can feel like inspiration that persists indefinitely if you play full-out to be in love.

Share— a lot

Share, a lot. The surest way to have what you say you want be what you are about is to share about it. “Hey, I’ve just got to tell you, this is what I am going to do, and this is how it is going to be!” Share, share, share. Share with your friends, family, partners, spouse. Declare and declare again to the world, and to an unbiased confidant and accountability-partner like a Coach, this is what I stand for, this is why it inspires me, and so this is what I am doing!

Take it on with passion, and live your future right now

Take it on with passion, and live your future right now

The core value proposition of GREAT FUTURE NOW Coaching is this:

Be true to yourself. Live authentic. Go passionately. In this moment, you’ve stopped waiting for your future… You are alive in your future as it is unfolding, happening here and now.

Maintaining your journey is what you do to “stay the course.” The wind in your sails is your inspiration and passion, and your compass is your authentic intuition. That’s staying the course with zeal and aliveness.

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