Why You Seldom Take Your Own Advice

“Solomon’s Paradox” and What to Do About It

When I deal with important decisions, why does it seem harder to decide?

When you suspect that you are over-analyzing your situation in order to make a decision or you feel stuck in a so called, “analysis paralysis,” then you can bet that Solomon’s Paradox is at work in your mind. It seems like we are designed to better at being objective for others — and often too subjective for own purposes. The experience of “too much to consider to make a final decision” seems to be especially exaggerated when what you want from your decision is of utmost importance to you. Choices like: considering a new job, career opportunities, how to best launch or grow a startup business, staying in a romantic relationship or not, whether to move to another city, and other such big decisions in life and business.

When I deal with important decisions, why does it make sense to ask for help?

It would seem beneficial to ask for advice, or even get “mentorship,” from others. This seems to be at least the next most better option rather than stirring in your own emotions and consternations. This may be true, yet when you have big goals, ongoing plans, or even bigger dreams in life, you may want other than the advice of friends, an elder, or even a mentor. As a matter of fact, a study focused on Solomon’s Paradox demonstrated that age does not necessarily correlate with greater advice or wisdom where giving beneficial advice is concerned.

Are there more valuable alternatives to “mentoring” or “advice”?

As an alternative to “getting advice” or “working with a mentor,” an efficient and value-driven approach to alter the course of your actions for the better is to hire a Professional Performance Coach, or as sometimes said, to “get ‘Coaching.’” There are some similarities between coaching and mentoring, but there are also distinct advantages to collaborating with a coach over merely seeking the advice or validation of a mentor.

There are advantages to collaborating with a coach.
Watch the source video at: https://www.usatoday.com/videos/news/nation/2019/01/11/heres-why-you-can-never-seem-take-tour-own-advice/38880931/ (Source: Buzz60 via USA Today)

How does hiring a Coach help me untangle my important decision knots?

What are the advantages of hiring an Achievement Coach for collaboration?

Consider the advantages of hiring a Professional Performance Coach who:

  • is singularly dedicated to collaborating with and encouraging you to explore your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and challenges within the context of your goals,
  • listens expertly to the content, style, and emotional intelligence of your communication,
  • mirrors your communication with clarity and without overly-subjective judgments or biases,
  • inquires with precision into what matters most to you,
  • grounded in pragmatism, fosters your confidence and self-esteem,
  • and collaborates with you to discover otherwise masked-over and hidden insights into your assumptions, vulnerabilities, performance, and opportunities for your progress and improvement.
A Coach helps me untangle important decision knots.

What is it like to work with an Achievement Coach, Life Coach, or Professional Performance Coach? What will a Coach do for me?

Let’s answer a few questions…

  • “What is this ‘Life Coaching’ I’ve been hearing about?”
  • “What is a Professional Coach?”
  • “What will a Coach do for me?”
Hiring a “Coach” to achieve your greatness is like hiring a Trainer to improve your fitness.
Your Coach is like a hiking companion as you explore, discover, and transcend valleys and peaks climbing for your your goals and fulfillment.

What is the best coaching program for me?

When it comes to hiring a Coach — or more specifically benefitting from the decision-making clarity that comes from Coaching as a service — there are a few standard formats available for getting yourself Coaching services:

A Coach-led workshop provides cost-sharing with group collaboration.

How will I be best supported for decision-making that is really the best fit for me?

Last, not least, what there is to consider is:

  • Are you looking for clarity and focus in your decision-making for one big question to make just one big leap forward?
  • Or do you want to create ongoing meaningful and rewarding changes that will be lasting over time?
  • long-standing, unrecognizable shifts in you attitude, confidence, capacity, and competency,
  • repeated leaps forward in effectiveness, creativity, and productivity,
  • consistent clarity, focus, wisdom, and empowerment that can only come from being coached by a Professional Performance Coach,
    persistent accountability to accomplish your goals,
  • and ongoing improved satisfaction and fulfillment with your endeavors and accomplishments
For ongoing improved satisfaction and fulfillment with your endeavors and accomplishments, you will want to commit to a coaching program that is a plan for ongoing private sessions or routinely-scheduled workgroup workshops: http://GROUPS.GreatFutureNow.NET
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