Dogs Will Be Dogs

Just this morning, I was informed that come September we will have a new family dog. I won’t lie, it is all my brain can think about today. The whole office has heard about it, and various google searches of husky/golden retriever mixes have been made, without much look that is, because life just isn’t that easy.

We haven’t had a family dog for a year now and we feel like it’s time to bring a new bundle of fluffy joy back into our home. So the search begins, as does the endless lists of inadequate potential names. I guess I will also be greeting my allergy once again, but alas, dogs override the unfortunate occasional itchy eye or wheezing breath. I am not going to complain.

After not having a dog for a year, I had begun to forget about all the little things, good and bad, that dogs do, and thus have been reminiscing all morning. From hyper spurts of running around the living room, all the while somehow managing to not break a single thing, escaping from the garden every day for the first 5 years, the way she liked her fur being brushed, and her overly enthusiastic way of greeting strangers, jumping up at them with her gleaming face and puppy dog eyes. Dogs have a way of making their undesirable traits adorable, turning our legs to jelly and giving them a treat just because.

But let’s not forget the mess that dogs create. All is fun and games when you bring them on a walk, until they jump into a dirty pond and smell like wet dog for days, even after hosing them down, or when it rains and they run out into the garden to do their business, or so you think, and instead they roll around in the biggest puddle they can find. You do begin to wonder if they do it on purpose.

We can’t stop dogs from being dogs, nor would we want to, but there is a way to prevent your pup from bringing in the muddy nature inside your home. The answer is artificial grass. Forget the muddy paws, stains on your cream carpet, and damp dog smells taking over your house, because with artificial grass, the possibility of mud disappears, so your dog can appreciate the outdoors without giving you an extra job to clean up.

As well as this, artificial grass is actually safer for dogs as no fertiliser is required, so not only will your mind be at ease due to the absence of mud trails, you will also be able to sleep easy at night knowing that your garden is dog-safe.

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