27 Lessons & 27 Blessin’s

What I’ve learned over the last 365 days.

The past year has been one for the books — I’ve literally been perfecting my Chance The Rapper *jig*. In that everything was not perfect (so let’s make sure we are on the same page with that), over the course of the last 365 days: I’ve taken a few L’s — and bounced back, I’ve learned numerous lessons, I’ve found supportive communities, lost friends, grew stronger in my faith, expanded businesses, dissolved businesses, and so much more.

Check out 27 lessons that turned into 27 blessings, and hopefully you’ll find a few that resonate with you.

  1. Focus on building your communities, support means everything. Whether it’s your neighborhood, your brand supporters, your followers, or your family. There is a power in numbers.
  2. What you know is important, who you know is more important, but how you get to know them trumps all. Build genuine relationships, talk about more than business, show up for their events, and support whatever it is they are passionate about.
  3. Mental health is overlooked, do what you need to do to protect it. Go to the gym, see a therapist, color, journal, talk about it.
  4. There is a power in the tongue, tell yourself how GREAT you are every day. Affirmations work, just as you are what you repeatedly do; you’ll believe what you repeatedly say.
  5. Don’t burn bridges, it’s never that serious. We are adults, act like one.
  6. A positive mindset has the power to shift circumstances. Are you glass full or glass empty? Try and find the blessing in every situation.
  7. Tell your loved one’s you love them, often.
  8. You can’t pour out of an empty cup — protect your value and fulfill your needs before fulfilling others’.
  9. There is a difference between a loss and failure. Losses are fine, everyone takes L’s, they are temporary — learn a lesson and keep it moving, don’t refer to your losses as failures.
  10. Surround yourself with positive value and positive energy. That is: people, situations, environments, and the list goes on.
  11. Your personal brand is more valuable than gold; either take control of your own brand or be ready when others try to control your narrative.
  12. Be comfortable being yourself. Instagram has everyone acting out for likes, know who you are and #BEyou.
  13. Give (at least) 10% of what you have: finances, time, resources, network — and know that you’ll get it back ten fold.
  14. Friends that don’t talk everyday…. are. still. your. friends. You know the saying, Quality over Quantity, right?
  15. Build a tribe. Surround yourself with a mix of people that will support you, that you can learn from, that inspire you, and that are willing to grow with you.
  16. Everyone is biased, many have agendas, and even more have no idea what they are talking about or what they are doing — be mindful with what content you consume, internalize, and advertise as fact.
  17. International travel is one of the best investments. It is a way to ground yourself, understand how blessed you are, and learn new perspectives — get your passport.
  18. Build your foundation on strong faith — whatever it is that you believe in, root yourself in that. When you no longer serve yourself but serve something greater than you, you’ll continuously push yourself to be better.
  19. Be accountable for others and allow them to be accountable for you — we have to stop winning and losing in silos, teamwork makes the dream work.
  20. Have a creative outlet: write, blog, draw, sing, preach, do what you have to do to work that right brain.
  21. Relationships are invaluable, be cognizant of how you treat others.
  22. Life’s too short to be angry all the time. Smile or something.
  23. Goals that aren’t achieved in a certain time-frame don’t dissapear, be persistent.
  24. Greatness is a muscle. Continuously remind yourself of your greatness, never settle for mediocrity, and don’t let anyone tell you what you can or can’t do.
  25. Being yourself is the best marketing you could ever do.
  26. Chill out, patience is a skill … and it takes A LOT of practice (and I still am no where near mastering it).
  27. Be in the driver’s seat of your life. Find joy in the journey, trust the process, and relax.

God is Great & I’m Beyond Greatful.

Be Great, BMills

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We are all on the road to greatness — entrepreneurs, influencers, corporate hustlers, and artists alike. I’m not quite there yet but I’m learning a hell of a lot along the way!


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We are all on the road to greatness — entrepreneurs, influencers, corporate hustlers, and artists alike. I’m not quite there yet but I’m learning a hell of a lot along the way!