Completely Under The Influence with The Prototype

How this lifestyle agency hit the trifecta: supporting local talent, meeting at intersections, and owning passions.

I recently had the opportunity to attend an inaugural brunch for an up-and-coming Dallas startup — The Prototype. And by brunch, I mean a one-of-a-kind experience that mixes all of the core necessities that any millennial mogul in the making would need, the short list consists of:

  • Food (chicken & waffles and shrimp & grits to be exact)
  • Mimosas (they had me at champagne bar)
  • Music (namely Migos’ “Bad and Boujee”)
photo credit: JCI Creatives

All jokes aside, I had high expectations for The Prototype’s Under The INFLUENCE brunch simply because I had the opportunity to meet the company’s founder, Porsche Williams @po , at a previous event (The Dallas Entrepreneurs Dinner III) where I was blown away by her passion, drive, and desire to help others. When I tell you this event blew away my ‘already high expectations — well, it blew those expectations out the water!

In hindsight the themes that I appreciated the most from the event were

  1. Supporting your neighbors.
  2. Meeting at intersections.
  3. Owning your passions.

Before we dive into the key elements that made this event so impactful, I figured it’d be a good idea to let you know what The Prototype is — better late than never, right?

For so many of us time is scarce and finding talented collaborators, vendors, and consultants is a typical cause of frustration. The Prototype solves those two key issues, this Dallas-based lifestyle agency connects clients that have a need to save time, create memories and elevate their life, with professionals in fashion, food, and fitness.

Support your neighbors.

Excuse me as my inner science nerd is about to briefly show. Did you know that as plants grow they talk to each other grow? Yes, the sun is important, but so is the surrounding soil. Essentially, fungi deliver messages of danger from plant to plant, and as a result, the group can grow stronger. The same concept should help you as you grow your brand.

Often time we have this desire to shoot for the stars (or sun) in an attempt to get the biggest names and most recognizable brands to be a part of our businesses. The only issue is, we neglect to realize where we are — young brands with a burning desire to grow and there are so many talented individuals that are in our same shoes and same environment. One of the biggest lessons I learned as an entrepreneur is an importance in supporting your neighbor

photo credit: JCI Creatives

#undertheInfluence did just that; from rising chef, Chef Jessie, to Dallas’ infamous photographer, JCI Creatives; Dallas’ florist, Orchid Bleu; violinist, Richmond Punch; DFW PR Agency, The Peoples’ Voice; and so many more brands right in their backyard.

Meeting at Intersections.

I had an awesome conversation with the young lady (turned new friend), Alexandria Traylor of Baes & Bombshells, about the importance for entities to meet at distinct and unique intersections to create a booming brand. In essence, it is the Medici Effect — defying your intuition and allowing breakthroughs to occur at the intersection of ideas, concepts, and cultures.

photo credit: Instagram, @theprototypelife

For example, who was the first to think fried chicken and waffles would ever go together? Who was the first person to think, “let me put some orange juice in my champagne”? I’m not sure, but we are all glad they did.

#undertheINFLUENCE incorporated The Medici Effect with elements that provided lasting memories by meeting at intersections”

Richmond Punch’s Violin rendition of Migos’ Bad and Boujee.

I was in the middle of having a conversation about how expensive Disney World is with another event attendee when suddenly I heard Richmond Punch start playing Solange’s Cranes in the Sky, within five seconds everyone had their phones out to record the fusion of classical musicianship and current hip hop music.

The way this Julliard (and Yale) alum juggled queuing instrumentals over the loudspeakers, playing his renditions over the violin, all while dancing and mingling throughout the event was nothing short of impressive.

A Tasteful Ride Around the City on Bijou Belle.

After a handful (not giving you the exact number) of mimosas and a belly full of fried chicken and waffles, I thought it was time to pack up and head out. Yea, I was wrong. All of the attendees had the opportunity to board a chartered party bus which catered, even more, food and even more mimosas. We took a quick ride around Downtown Dallas all while eating, drinking, continuing our conversations, and posing for some pictures. It was the first time I experienced the intersection of a party bus and dining experiences, it was novel to say the lease.

All Things for the CULTURE.

If you know me, you know I love diversity, love our generation’s millennial moguls in the making, and love a good time. If there was an intersection I owned and was familiar with it would be this one.

The Prototype didn’t a great job of meeting millennials at the intersection in which they flourish. We like to drink, so a bottomless mimosa bar consisting of orange, cranberry, and mango juice was provided. We like to talk, so we had an opportunity to tell the group about ourselves and our brands. We like to eat, so Jessie of Brunchaholics provided a medley of food that I can’t attempt to describe. We like to dance, Bad and Boujee, remember? We like free stuff, every attendee walked out with a swag bag full of free.

This event hit the nail on the head.

Own your passions.

Had to end this post with the most important theme that was manifested at #undertheINFLUENCE, owning your passion. Being surrounded by a group of men and women that are so steadfast in making their dreams a reality was the fuel that powered the event.

Everyone that attended had the opportunity to stand up and talk about themselves, their passions, their business, and how they are moving and shaking in Dallas. It took a business card swap to a dynamic conversation.

photo credit: JCI Creatives

The Prototype is all about efficiency, and connecting you to others that can solve your problems. Whether intentional or not, the fact that this event was more so about the attendees than the The Prototype as a company meant a lot; it was apparent that they have a genuine care for making others’ lives better and that itself is the foundation that a healthy business can be built on.

photo credit: JCI Creatives

If I were to come up with a world famous haiku to describe what I took away from this event, it would go a little something like this.

Be hungry, humble.
Support others’ dope passions,
at intersections.

Now copyright that.

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Be Great,

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