Embracing Greatness with Brandon Moore

Successful brands are built on the right combination of confidence and humility, Brandon has that so I know there are great things in store for his brand “Moore in Dallas.” One of the first things Brandon ever told me was, “Hey I heard you were ‘that Brandon’ in Dallas, I just wanted to let you know I’m coming for ya.” It’s attitudes like that that motivates everyone to work harder (especially me) at building their brands. Brandon is quick to ask for advice, eager to network, and a feign for learning more.

-Brandon MIller, The Be Great Brand

Check out this guy! A classy guy that constantly carries his thinking cap (if he isn’t wearing a suit and tie, then he’s more than likely wearing a dad cap). Brandon Moore gives the perfect example of cool, calm, and collected. From his relaxed look of jogger pants, a bad @$$ graphic tee, and a dope dad cap to suited and booted at an after 5 event, he can transition from any scene to the next. Now that we have #MooreinDallas, expect to see more of him around town visiting the “nooks and crannies” of the Metroplex and shining some light on the cities’ best bars, restaurants, museums, and etc. Welcome B. Moore to Dallas and welcome him to #BeGreat.

-Brian Millage, The Millage

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